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The speed of transformation in the finance function has continued to increase. In recent years, CFOs were often forced to focus on acute challenges such as crisis management and adjustments to the technical foundation, rather than on transforming the finance function for the major challenges of the coming years. 4C GROUP CFO Advisory supports you with issues like demographic shift, climate change, and digitalization. We offer strategies and solutions to align your finance function with securing the future of your organization and successfully navigating your company through the complex, disruptive business world.

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What Does Transformation mean for the Finance Function?

The existing acute priorities complicate the transformation progress of the finance function, which is crucial for the long-term success of the company. But what factors trigger this transformation, and how should corporate governance be shaped in the future?

Main Drivers of Transformation in the Financial Sector

The upcoming, significant shifts - demographic shift, climate change, and digitalization - are shaping the future. Additionally, there is a need for a new form of resilience in the face of ongoing crises. Notably, the predictability of these developments is remarkable. We already have a clear idea of what to expect and can even partly estimate the pace of these changes. Now is the ideal time to further develop the CFO's navigational tools. It would be irresponsible to miss this opportunity and thus risk competitiveness, or in other words, not to actively manage the structural risks that threaten corporate success.

Key Requirements
Transformation in the CFO Office

Key Requirements for a Successful Transformation

For an effective transformation, alongside managing acute challenges, certain prerequisites are essential:

  • Flexibility and Change Readiness: To effectively shape the transformation, it is crucial to significantly strengthen these two aspects.
  • Automation of Processes: Finding and affording additional personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, increasing staff is not an option. Instead, processes must be automated to such an extent that existing capacities are freed up for change.
  • Technological Upgrades: The technological platform must be developed in a way that significantly accelerates the speed of transformation.

For the finance function this specifically includes the implementation of the following measures:

  • Introduction of S/4: For standardization, integration, and automation as a key step in the transformation.
  • Implementation of a Flexible CPM Platform: To represent both known and new, unknown requirements as a central component for adaptability to future challenges.

CFO as a Navigator in Disruptive Times

In today's volatile world, traditional planning methods are inadequate. Flexible, company-wide simulation models are needed, providing decision-relevant information, and aiding in the implementation of swift strategic shifts.

The finance function also holds a key role in ESG management. It must implement a group-wide, auditable reporting system to meet regulatory requirements alone. Furthermore, ESG will sooner or later be integrated into corporate governance, which will enable the implementation of a sustainability strategy.
The importance of risk Management in corporate governance is increasing substantially, making its integration into both simulation and reporting systems essential.

Transformation in the CFO Office: New Roles and Skills

The roles and qualifications within the CFO Office are currently undergoing significant changes. Instead of controllers who compile numbers and reports, there is an increasing need for analysts and statisticians who perform necessary data analyses arising from products, customers, and supply chains. These analyses are essential for delivering and billing services, managing business operations, and evaluating strategic opportunities. The Target Operating Model in the CFO Office will more distinctly separate transactional elements in Shared Service Centers and Reporting Factories from the analytical components of Financial Advisors and Data Scientists. This shift in the finance sector requires a clear vision and a roadmap to be successful.

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The Controller Academy and 4C GROUP AG work together in close cooperation. The Controller Academy is known for high-quality education and training seminars as well as consulting in the area of the conception of controlling, especially from the perspective of the individual company. Through the partnership of the 4C GROUP with the Controller Akademie, we can offer our customers in-depth experience in the entire spectrum of corporate management and controlling, from the individual company to the group, from the controlling philosophy and conception to the implementation in organisation, processes and systems! As trainers of the Controller Academy, Stephan Grunwald and Peter Keefer are also contact persons for the topics Target Operating Model and digital transformation. You can find more information on the seminar content here. You can download our latest white paper on predictive analytics in cooperation with the Controller Academy here.

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