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Management Consulting since 1997

We aligned our service portfolio - following the organisation of our corporate customers - with the corporate CxO office structure.

We provide comprehensive services for the Chief Financial OfficerChief Information OfficerChief Compliance OfficerChief Human Resources OfficerChief Digital OfficerChief Executive Officer and Chief Sales Officer as well as their employees in management and expert functions.

"The 4C GROUP pursues a consulting approach that is rarely found today. The combination of professional know-how, procedural expertise and technical competence offers considerable added value, especially in performance management. Concept and implementation go hand in hand and you get not only a presentation of options, but real consulting based on individual requirements".

Oliver Braun, Head of Corporate Development, BHS Corrugated

Focus Topics

As co-drivers, it is our job to stay on top of things: About profound changes in economy, politics and society as well as current developments and megatrends. We identify potentials for progress and will always be pointing the compass towards the future - focused on your success:



Future Transformation

We live in times of transformation and the speed of change is rapid: with respect to technology as well as social and political developments. But the future is not a place or a destination. The future is a field of possibility in which progress unfolds in every conceivable direction. How do you ensure that your business is ready for a sustainable future?

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ESG – Environmental. Social. Governance.

The value of a company is measured in more than just numbers. The decisive factor for success and future viability is how the goals are achieved. Those who act responsibly have a clear stance and make ecological, social and ethical principles their strategic maxim - far beyond the legal requirements. Sustainability is a key factor to the future of our society and the purpose of your company. How do you make ESG a part of your DNA?

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Smart Grid

Germany is currently undergoing a significant transformation of its energy supply, characterized by a rise in electricity demand and a comprehensive acceleration of renewable energy expansion. In order to successfully transition towards a climate-friendly and sustainable energy supply, an intelligent electricity grid serves as a crucial backbone. Within this framework, electricity grid operators play an essential role in facilitating rapid expansion and ensuring a smooth transition. As such, what measures are being implemented to shape the energy transition and promote the development of a smart grid?

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