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Management Consulting since 1997

We provide active and expert guidance to publicly traded corporations, large enterprises, as well as owner-operated and public sector entities as 'temporary co-pilots', navigating them through transitions safely, accurately, and sustainably, with a tangible impact on their business success. Our comprehensive services cater to Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Execution Officers, and Chief Sales Officers, along with their teams in leadership and specialist roles.
The journey of a company's future transformation resembles an expedition, characterized by uncharted paths and the absence of one-size-fits-all solutions, requiring decision-making in the face of uncertainty and the readiness to tackle inevitable challenges.

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Real characters at 4C represent individuality and character - people with personality, infusing their unique experiences and expertise into everything we do. Our passion, determination, and excellence drive us to achieve extraordinary results for our clients. Embracing a 'co-pilot for a time' philosophy, we build strong relationships, go the extra mile, and are always in the thick of the action. Here, innovative ideas are valued and actualized, with our partners firmly supporting both our staff and clients.

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At 4C, you won't find typical consulting clichés, but small teams of diverse characters, each exceptional due to their unique talents, skills, and life experiences.

Our 13 partners, each with their individual personalities and wide-ranging competencies, are deeply involved in projects, ensuring lasting success. Supported by a strategically engaged supervisory board, 4C is more than a workplace - it's a community of unique individuals achieving greatness together.

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Management Consulting Since 1997

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We would like to point out that this website only offers a limited insight into our services. Our expertise and range of services cannot be fully represented on this platform. For individual advice and to address your specific concerns in the best possible way, we cordially invite you to contact us directly so that we can offer you tailor-made solutions.

Thank you for your trust. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Expert Marketing & Business Development

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