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Is Your Cybersecurity Organization Prepared for the Future?

The increasing frequency and severity of cybersecurity incidents represent a significant risk for businesses, with one DAX-40 company's CIO likening such an event to a "sudden death" scenario for any CIO. This remark underscores the critical impact these incidents can have on businesses and large corporations alike. As companies become more frequent targets in an era of rapid digitalization, with a growing number of connected devices and deeper integration of information technology (IT) within operational technology (OT) systems, the landscape of potential vulnerabilities expands. Identifying and minimizing these new points of attack is imperative. We are committed to providing CIOs with comprehensive support to fortify their cybersecurity frameworks, ensuring they are resilient and adaptive to future challenges from both strategic and organizational standpoints.


Maturity Level
Data Security

What is the Maturity Level of my Existing Cyber Security Organization?

Cybersecurity is a cross-functional and interdisciplinary responsibility within a company. Consequently, assessing the maturity of a company's cybersecurity capabilities cannot be effectively done by looking at isolated aspects, such as the technology deployed or the existing organizational structures. Instead, it's crucial to adopt a comprehensive perspective, examining all relevant facets of the cybersecurity organization. This approach, combined with industry best practices, allows for a thorough analysis and evaluation of the organization's maturity level. We are keen to assist you in determining the specific maturity level of your cybersecurity organization. Together, we can develop a roadmap that outlines strategies for the sustainable enhancement of your cybersecurity capabilities.

How Resilient is my Company to Cyber Threats?

Cybersecurity has become a topic that demands the full attention of top management. In light of increasing cyber threats to businesses, it's crucial for decision-makers to be constantly informed about the state of cybersecurity resilience. This is the only way to identify and strategically implement potential improvements early on. With our Enterprise Resilience Map, we enable decision-makers to gain an overview of the cybersecurity resilience of their key business capabilities. In close coordination with various departments and IT, we analyze and highlight gaps in the security requirements of essential core applications and data. This information is centrally collected, processed, and translated into a clear presentation. This allows for the implementation of appropriate measures based on an individual risk assessment, thereby enhancing the organization's robustness against threats.

How do I Protect my Critical Business Data?

In today's business landscape, data is one of the most important and critical assets across almost all industries. Consequently, the scenarios in which this critical business data is lost, intercepted, compromised, or made publicly accessible are of grave concern. An added complexity is that nowadays, data is often distributed and stored in the cloud. Therefore, it's crucial to conduct an individual risk assessment for each group of data. In our approach, we derive potential threat and risk scenarios through various steps. During a risk analysis, these risks are quantified, evaluated, and their potential impacts are analyzed in the event of an occurrence. Based on this evaluation, appropriate risk mitigation measures are developed. These measures are then prioritized and integrated into a comprehensive roadmap.

In a time where cyber threats are on the rise, cybersecurity has become a fundamental necessity rather than an option. We support CIOs in making their organizations resilient to emerging digital challenges.

Martin Stephany | CIO Advisory 4C GROUP

Success Factors

  • Holistic Risk Assessment and Management: The need to take a comprehensive view of all relevant aspects of Cyber Security underscores the importance of holistic risk assessment and management. This includes identifying and minimizing potential threats as well as continuously adapting to new vectors of attack.
  • Strategic and Organizational Flexibility: The ability to adapt strategically and organizationally to rapidly changing threat landscapes is crucial. This involves developing a future-ready Cyber Security Operating Model that integrates both strategic and organizational elements.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Top Management Involvement: Cyber Security is a company-wide, interdisciplinary task that demands full attention from top management. This means close collaboration among different areas such as IT, business departments, and corporate leadership.
  • Protection of Critical Data and Resources: Protecting critical company data, especially in distributed and cloud-based environments, is a key aspect. This includes conducting individual risk assessments for different data groups and developing risk mitigation strategies.
  • Proactive Development and Continuous Improvement: Continuously reviewing and improving Cyber Security capabilities is essential to respond to market and technological changes. This encompasses the operationalization and constant adjustment of processes, technologies, as well as roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Does our Identity & Access Management Operating Model Meet all the Necessary Requirements?

Identity & access management enables centralized management of users, identities, and access permissions across various systems and applications. In practice, it's rare to find a consistent operational model for implementing centralized identity & access management. Often, there's a prevalence of disparate solutions that may lack capabilities like Single-Sign-On authentication or decentralized user and role management.

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How can I Improve my Cloud & Network Security Governance?

The adoption of cloud technologies offers businesses increased flexibility, cost transparency, and the ability to adjust services to meet individual needs and current demands. However, alongside these numerous benefits, the use of cloud computing also expands the potential attack surface. For this reason, having up-to-date cloud & network governance in place and implementing it effectively is indispensable.

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What Options do I Have to Improve my Cyber Security Operating Model?

In light of the increasing threat landscape and the growing importance of cyber security capabilities, dedicated models for collaboration and organizational structure are essential to centralize and efficiently utilize resources in the cyber security organization. This is where the Cyber Security Target Operating Model comes into play. It forms the foundation for organization and collaboration and is thus central to the successful institutionalization and subsequent operational activities of the cyber security organization.

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Why 4C?

We support you in setting up your company's cyber security capabilities in a future-proof manner from a strategic and organizational perspective. In addition, we support you in the operationalization and consolidation of key functions, roles and responsibilities in the cyber security organization as a temporary co-driver and support you in the implementation and acceptance of your cyber security operating model.

Our Advisory Services at a Glance

The process for designing your cyber security capabilities includes all the necessary components, from definition and operationalization to ensuring sustainable and continuous development.

Consulting Project

As part of a consulting project, we support you in determining your cyber security robustness, the cyber security resilience of your key business capabilities as well as in ensuring smooth operations in your cyber security organization and ensuring that you are capable of acting in the long term in the event of changes in the company, the market or the technology.

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