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We regularly create unique opportunities for an open exchange with our customers, partners, friends and our employees. We are convinced that we need spaces for inspiration and contemplation separated from our working environment. 

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12th Working Group - Group Accouning

"From standard to implementation" - Thinking ahead about impacts, preparing solutions, planning implementation

The "Arbeitskreis Group Accounting" has now firmly established itself as a permanent fixture and is aimed at heads of group accounting. It will take place for the twelfth time on September 26, 2024. In addition to technical workshops, the focus is on communication, as the exchange of ideas among like-minded colleagues remains an important element of our network.

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External Events

You can find our experts from the respective Competence Centers annually at various events as cooperation partners. There, we aim to expand our network and create synergies.

CIO Advisory

Our expert Martin Stephany from our CIO Advisory regularly participates in various events. These include cooperative events where we collaborate with other organizations, as well as events where our expert actively contributes as a speaker or panel member. We value the opportunity to participate in such events as they provide us the chance to collaborate with other industry experts, gain valuable insights, and share our expertise.

We always look forward to engaging conversations and personal interactions with you at these events. Your participation is a great delight to us, and we are eager to meet you there.

CIO Advisory


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