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The evolution of IT Strategy

In today's business world, the role of IT has changed from a pure service provider to a central strategic partner. This change is reflected in the need not only to keep pace with technological developments, but also to actively shape and support business models. Today, IT strategy lays the foundations for the future viability and competitiveness of companies.

IT Strategy

IT Strategy topics

IT Strategy

IT Strategy topics

Success Factors

IT strategy as the linchpin

The IT strategy no longer just defines the IT infrastructure and framework conditions, but also helps to shape the company's business model. This includes:

  • Technology management: integrating different technology areas across existing silos.
  • Collaboration models: Promoting effective cooperation between IT and business units.
  • Corporate culture and governance: Establishing structures that support an agile and responsive IT organization.
  • Architectural foundations: Creating a modular and flexible IT architecture that enables rapid customization and the implementation of new business models.

These elements are crucial for positioning IT as a strategic partner within the company.

The modern IT strategy addresses numerous challenges:

  • Complexity Management: Coping with increasing complexity in technology and business processes.
  • Promoting Innovation: Enabling and accelerating innovation through technological support.
  • Agility and Scalability: adapting to market changes through flexible IT systems and processes.
  • Talent Management: Ensuring the availability and development of necessary skills in IT.

Success factors for implementation

The following points are essential for the successful implementation of the IT strategy:
  • Strategic Alignment: The IT strategy must be closely linked to the company's business goals and vision.
  • Leadership and Governance: Clear management structures and governance models are required to effectively steer the IT strategy.
  • Technological Expertise: In-depth understanding of current and emerging technologies is essential.
  • Change Management: Cultural and procedural adjustments must be accompanied and supported by change management.



In Focus

IT Strategy Roadmap

In today's digitalized world, IT plays a central role not only in shaping the technology direction, but also in adding value to your company. It combines in-depth business process expertise with a comprehensive understanding of technology to maximize the value contribution of your IT.

Our IT strategy defines the business model of your IT organization and precisely specifies which services are provided for internal and external customers. Based on the goals of your business strategy, we develop a tailor-made IT strategy roadmap that strategically positions your IT organization and transforms it into a driving force for innovation.

IT Strategy Roadmap


Business & IT-Capability Model

In a world where IT is becoming an integral part of business strategies, the Business & IT Capability Model is essential. It forms the bridge between technology and business requirements and ensures that your IT organization acts as a central driver of innovation. Through regular strategic alignment, we ensure your IT services are perfectly aligned with critical business processes and capabilities. Our model provides precise insights into current business-IT alignment and enables informed decisions to optimize your IT service portfolio, such as developing new or phasing out existing services. Strategic, tactical and operational initiatives in the areas of sourcing and workforce management can be managed effectively.


Target Operating Model (TOM) IT Strategy

In today's global and digital landscape, a precisely coordinated IT organization is the key to sustainable business success. Our Target Operating Model (TOM) designs a customized strategy to increase the efficiency of your IT structures. The aim is to optimally support your business goals and maximize the benefits for your customers. We start with a detailed analysis of your current IT landscape and then define an organizational model that is fit for the future. This includes the introduction of clearly defined processes, the careful selection of advanced technologies and the definition of roles to improve the effectiveness of your IT services. Our robust governance model also ensures continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of IT activities to ensure target achievement.


Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) offers your company a decisive competitive advantage by optimally aligning IT structures with business requirements. As a strategic partner, we help you to design your IT architecture in such a way that it efficiently meets both current and future market conditions. Through our Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), we provide you with a comprehensive overview of your IT and business processes, identify potential for improvement and develop a targeted strategy for a flexible and sustainable system landscape. Our approach enables you to react quickly to technological innovations and market-driven changes while maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your existing IT solutions. Prepare for the future - with IT that actively supports your business goals.


IT Sourcing

IT sourcing is a central component of strategic IT planning and is not limited to pure procurement. An effective sourcing strategy requires careful management and partnership with service providers to continuously evolve the operating model. The long-term success of sourcing initiatives often depends on the ability to avoid sanction-based provider controls, ensure seamless integration into existing processes and provide clarity on the scope of internal service delivery.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

In today's dynamic technology landscape, qualified personnel are the key to a competitive IT organization. Our workforce planning consulting services enable you to respond strategically to the challenges of an ageing workforce and rapidly changing skills requirements. We support you in deploying and developing your IT teams not only effectively, but also in line with your needs. Through innovative recruiting strategies and consistent employee development, you can successfully position yourself as an attractive employer in the highly competitive technology market. Rely on us for a future-proof HR strategy that strengthens your position as a leading company.

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