A continuous discipline in an agile environment

As well as other areas the field of sourcing is changing in the course of digitalization. Besides traditional outsourcing projects, other and new services such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management are being added. In addition, classic cooperation is changing into more agile models that influence the classic procurement process.

In this agile environment, sourcing remains the core discipline of IT, the importance of which will continue to grow in the future. Sourcing does not only focus on the area of procurement, but the main focus in the future will lie on controlling, partnership-based cooperation and the further development of service providers. The quality of sourcing and the underlying sourcing strategy have a massive influence on the quality of IT service provision and the value of business support.

The sourcing strategy determines which different sourcing models are to be used in corporate IT and according to which criteria a suitable sourcing model is selected for a service or an application. The decisive factors here are the goals and requirements of the business as well as the resources of the corporate IT.

Based on the strategy, a structured sourcing process ("supplier life cycle") and subsequent effective contract and supplier management is essential. A structured sourcing process includes a clear definition of the required services, the required quality standards and the clear design of the cooperation model right from the start. Clarity at the beginning of the process creates the basis for good collaboration and a smooth service provision.

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