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Finance Transformation

Implementing significant changes, what we call transformation, poses the greatest challenge for the finance sector as well. Conceptual excellence alone is not sufficient; the perspective of the implementer must also be considered from the outset of the conception.

The complexity of commercial processes and systems, along with the persistence of global organizations, presents structural hurdles for any transformation. Additionally, all finance departments suffer from limited capacities, which are exacerbated when it comes to the expertise required for these projects. Thirdly, most organizations lack the long-standing experience in managing complex transformation processes.

What is needed are specific transformation approaches that combine project management with expertise in the field, an understanding of cultural aspects, and technical know-how. Successful project teams must master at least these disciplines.


Consulting Expertise
Finance Transformation:

Management &

Consulting Expertise 
Performance Management and Controlling:

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Accounting Excellence:

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Transformation Triggers

Megatrends and Regulation
Technology & Organization

  • Demographic Change and Digitalization: We support you in the further development of your global HR strategy and the adaptation of your delivery models.
  • Sustainability and ESG: We help you to implement sustainable corporate strategies and adapt your management systems.
  • Regulatory Requirements: From the introduction of complex reporting processes (e.g. CSRD) to the adaptation of accounting standards or supply chain reporting

  • ERP Transformation with S/4 HANA: We guide you through the global introduction of the new ERP generation to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.
  • Organizational Changes --> Post-merger integrations, carve-outs and IPOs have always been complex large-scale projects under high time pressure

What all these transformations have in common, apart from their complexity and size, is that the consequences of failure are serious. They are therefore very prominent in risk management.



In Focus

Finance Target Operating Model

The Finance Target Operating Model itself must first and foremost be aligned with the requirements of the business and is therefore as individual as the company itself. Nevertheless, trends can be identified and general principles formulated. The separation of transactional financial processes as well as the preparation and provision for performance management (reporting factory) from the analysis of information and management consulting is becoming widely accepted. This allows the worlds of figures to be standardized, processes to be professionalized and the performance of controlling to be improved.

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Transformation of Finance Systems - S/4 HANA

With S/4 HANA as a beacon, a new generation of systems is available for the finance sector. In corporate performance management, old technologies need to be replaced and specialist solutions for consolidation, planning and BI are becoming integrated platforms. This increases quality, reduces complexity and, not least, operating costs. With 4C Solutions, we support our customers in the transformation of the CPM landscape.
In addition, the project should not be left to the system integrators themselves, who have their own agenda.

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Investors and customers expect many companies to make a sustainable contribution to the future of our society through corporate social responsibility management. If CSR is to be more than just a fig leaf, it goes beyond an annual report. CSR must be anchored in corporate management. This transformation of management can lead to a transformation of the entire business model and is therefore not just a task for the CFO department but for the entire company management.


More Topics

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Digital Finance

Digital Processing, Big Data, Predictive Analytics

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A transformation of companies is imperative.


Through a clever transition management, exploiting the potential optimal.

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Why 4C?

Professional Expertise and Integrated Solution Approaches

Our expertise extends far beyond traditional project management. We offer specific transformation approaches tailored to your needs, representing a combination of professional expertise, a deep understanding of cultural nuances, and technological know-how. Our teams master all the necessary disciplines to lead your project to success, including:

  • Project Management: We possess extensive experience in managing complex transformation projects, which are often lacking in organizations.
  • Technological Expertise: Our profound knowledge of the latest technologies, especially in ERP systems like S/4 HANA, enables us to efficiently transform your financial systems.
  • Cultural Understanding: We understand that the success of a transformation also depends on the consideration of cultural aspects. Our global teams bring this essential perspective.
  • Customized Transformation Solutions: We provide specific transformation approaches tailored to the unique requirements of your business.


4C Whitepaper: "Digital Finance"

Download our Whitepaper to learn how digitalization is driving the transformation of financial processes and roles, making strategic realignment and data-driven decision-making essential.

4C Whitepaper: CSR reporting - legal requirements and strategic use

Discover now how you can use CSR effectively and generate added value. Read now!

4C Whitepaper: Target Operating Model

The whitepaper provides insights into the adaptation of finance in the context of CFO 4.0, including the integration of new data into reporting, the design of reporting and control in the era of Industry 4.0, as well as the impacts of moving CRM systems into the cloud on the CFO.

Our Approach

Develop Custom Solutions

We recognize that each organization and every transformation is unique. Therefore, our solutions are customized to meet your specific requirements.

Assemble Expert Teams

Our teams are composed of experts who possess the necessary skills and experience to successfully tackle any challenge.

Implement Sustainable Changes

Our goal is not only to provide short-term solutions but also to implement long-term, sustainable changes that future-proof your business.

Your Next Step: Towards Successful Transformation With Us

We invite you to embark on the path of transformation with us. Our comprehensive expertise and dedicated approach make us the ideal partner for your business. Together, we can overcome today's challenges and lay the groundwork for your success in the future. Contact us to find out how we can realize your Finance Transformation.

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"The challenge of mapping an integrated business model of a global industrial group was big. Markus Noçon and his team masterfully implemented it and created a system that convinces through layout and usability. Despite the different business plans of the individual companies, from construction to production and service, it is thanks to the competence of the team that this has been implemented in Planning Analytics in a user-friendly way. By implementing Cognos Controller at the same time, an integrated system was created that maps the business processes from budgeting and planning to consolidation and reporting. The training of users at our locations in the USA and the Caribbean allows us to develop analyses and reports independently (cultural and language barriers were never an obstacle). Schedule and budget were always adhered to. 4C has repeatedly provided us with valuable ideas and impulses, and through professional methodology has created a system adapted to our specific needs."

Ulrich Wrabetz, Finance Director at Proman AG

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