Process automation does not start with digitization, but ends with it

You can read everywhere that there is a great potential for change and the associated improvement of processes through digitization. Reduction of resources, faster data processing, lower error rate - so why hesitate? There are a lot of arguments speaking in favor of it!

New tools are introduced quickly and there are high expectations that everything will be faster and better. But exactly here is the catch. Since this one-sided view of process automation is too short-sighted. The automation of basic processes in the finance sector involves far more than the implementation of software and hardware.

Usually it is useless digitizing the exisitng process one-to-one. It’s almost like a symptom being worked on in order to become better (= faster). However, not only a single process step, but always the entire end-to-end process should be considered. The Purchase-to-Pay process is also not a purely accounting process, but begins in strategic purchasing and ends with payment to the supplier. To optimize this process, for example, it is not sufficient to automate the payment run. Master data management must be clearly regulated, the master data structure must be defined and harmonized company-wide, and the approval process for an order must be standardized. Only then the process can be automated at all.

So how do you transform a bad process to a good and digitized process?

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Whitepaper to process mining - unprecedented transparency opens up the potential for standardization and permanent optimization!
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  • Best practice approach
Whitepaper to process automation using the example purchase to pay - What happens to the accounts payable accountant?

The advancing digitalization promotes a process automation of the Purchase-2-Pay process and turns the buyer into an accountant - or vice versa!

  • Why process automation at all?
  • The choice of a suitable change management approach is of utmost importance for the success of the project.  
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  • Understanding Robotic Process Automation
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