Experience True Characters at 4C

Find out what a career expedition at 4C is all about, get to know us and get to know us and our way of working as a management consultancy and discover how else we are committed:

But what is behind this slogan that describes the core of our brand so well? We are looking for TRUE CHARACTERS and therefore true personalities or characters who bring in their own ideas and do so in their own individual way.

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Authenticity makes the difference

The times when consultants were recognizable by their uniform appearance or their participation in the New York Marathon are over. Those who put in their effort every day with customers do not serve clichés, at least not with us.

Are you a true character?

You know your value and live our values!

You are special because you want to get involved and demand responsibility early on. Your motivation and passion are transferred to our customers and you stand for our brand and values.

In order for you to fit us and we to fit you, you bring your thirst for knowledge, strength of character and humor to the start of your career rally and we bring our professional approach, technical expertise and many years of experience in the personnel development of graduates.

4C Characters

There is no such thing as a typical career with us, because diversity in itself is characteristic of us. What this means can best be conveyed by our employees, our TRUE CHARACTERS.

Find out more about the different career paths and what it means to be a TRUE CHARACTER.