„4C lives my values. If that wasn't the case, I wouldn't have made it as a lateral hire. For me, it's a great experience to see the different individuals who live these values here as consultants and what we create together in the process.“

Winfried Kaertner Manager

From a large to a great consultancy

What makes working at 4C special for you?
Great colleagues, all with different training and with different strengths and weaknesses. I also find it special that the customer is always kept in focus.
Your path to 4C?
For me personally, the training as a bank clerk was the starting signal for my professional life. There, my desire to achieve more professionally matured. My studies and my start at a technology consulting firm were based on this desire. 14 years later, I was drawn to a Swiss startup and from there to 4C. After many interesting projects, I now belong to the gray-haired young-timer faction at 4C - but that doesn't bother me or my younger colleagues, rather we benefit from each other.
What excites you about your focus?
Leading challenging projects to their goal: Not to hand over responsibility halfway, but to go through thick and thin together with customers until the end of the projects. Never losing sight of the methodical requirements.Our image of the rally co-pilot sums it up well: the customer has the wheel in his hands, but we share the responsibility for success all the way to the finish line.
What was your most exciting project?
Particularly with large customers, I notice how long it often takes to get from an "almost finished" product to production readiness. If we manage this step better, even large projects can be kept on track.
What does it mean to you to be a TURE CHARACTER?
To be courageous and to be able to admit mistakes. To be consistent in your convictions, but also to take up and respect the ideas of others. Not to be arrogant, but to be able to show a clear path in case of doubt.

Personal Expedition
My wife and I are currently building our "workplace of the future", a farm, which we also want to run in retirement, so I'm definetly not a couch potato. We also want to play our part in the energy transition and are starting on our small farm.

  • Manager
    @4C Consulting area Business Transformation; October 2010
  • StartUp
    @ERNI Switzerland - Innovation in Process and Technology
  • Consultant
    @Capgemini AG Technology Consulting
  • Computer Science (Diploma)
    @TU Munich
  • Banker