„If someone had told me a few years ago that I would one day be very enthusiastic about working in a consultancy, I wouldn't have believed it. And yet that is exactly the case today.“

Anna Leddin Manager

From the industry to consulting

What was your path to 4C like?
After several years of working for an insurance company, I had completed both my bachelor's and master's degrees while working and found an exciting job in in-house consulting. However, I slowly realized that it was getting a bit too comfortable in my self-chosen comfort zone - time for a new challenge. Consulting was not a thing for me. As chance would have it, I stumbled across an unusual job ad for a consulting company and was able to get to know the people behind this unconventional appearance. And they were indeed unconventional, so I quickly decided that these were the people I wanted to work with in the future, consulting or not.
What makes working at 4C special for you?
I am enthusiastic about developing sustainable and smart solutions together with our customers. This is made possible by the close network of partners, managers and project leaders who have inspired me from day one. At the same time, 4C has a sophisticated personnel development system that allows me to develop completely according to my ideas. At 4C, I experience challenge and support in its purest form.
But the best thing about 4C? Certainly Office Friday - when we end the week together in the Frankfurt office in the Messe Tower with a view of the Frankfurt skyline.

What excites you about your consulting area?
Definitely the variety of topics that I come into contact with on a daily basis. Here, I experience first-hand what moves the financial services industry. I'm already experiencing tomorrow's trends today.
What was your most exciting project?
Among other things, I was able to support the development and introduction of a new compensation structure at a major German bank. It was a sensational experience to develop and introduce a new salary system for 10,000 employees.
What does it mean to be a TRUE CHARACTER?
TRUE CHARACTERS at 4C are characterized by the fact that they not only think and act in the best interests of their clients and are highly entrepreneurial - they also stick together and support each other.

Personal Expedition
In my spare time, I love to be active - whether it's high up in the mountains or biking through the Taunus. During the pandemic, I also discovered playing darts.

  • Manager
    @4C in the consulting field Banking and Compliance, Dezember 2019
  • Managing Consultant
    @4C in the consulting field Banking and Compliance, Juni 2018
  • Start as Senior Consultant
    @4C in the consulting field Banking and Compliance, October 2017
  • Inhouse Consultant Processes and Organization
    @insurance group
  • Business Psychology (M. Sc.)
    @FOM University of Applied Sciences and Management
  • Business Administration Insurance (B. A)
    @Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg