HR must become the driving force in business transformation

Human Resources is increasingly playing a key role in the business transformation of innovative companies and is on the top agenda of corporate strategy and thus of the CEO. Corporate success has always been shaped by first-class employees and a high-performance culture - so far so good. What's new is that strategic decisions often trigger comprehensive business transformations at both the structural and cultural levels, with fundamental changes that deeply impact culture, DNA, and leadership and collaboration models. In order for HR to drive these deep business transformations, a "new type" of Chief HR Officer (CHRO) is required. Accordingly, the "next generation" CHRO not only claims a place in the management team in order to be able to participate in the transformation process, but also knows the business first-hand. Leadership and business responsibility in different areas and regions of a company are indispensable prerequisites for getting on a level playing field with the business areas in the organization and, of course, being involved in important strategy decisions. This means that he knows his role in the business transformation and aligns his HR organization in such a way that it can create real added value in the process. Because he knows the requirements of the future work force, he also takes a bold and strategic approach to the digitization of his area in order to attract the talents of tomorrow. Accordingly, we have tailored our consulting offering to the needs of the new CHRO.

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"With its HR expertise, pragmatism and know-how on HR trend topics, 4C convinces me and my whole team time and again. Thanks to their support, we were able to achieve successes in a very short time, which still have a lasting effect on our organisation today and have brought our HR department a long way forward. From the development of the HR strategy to the implementation of measures and process optimization. The cooperation is always absolutely professional and trusting."

Thomas Kruer, Head of Personnel, Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. München

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"My first experience with the 4C GROUP was in 2014 in the context of the 'NextGeneration HR' reorganisation. Dr. Mauterer impressed me very much with his relevant wealth of experience, professional competence, methodology and personal commitment at that time. On the basis of this positive experience, I recruited Dr. Mauterer to work in the DIN standards committee 'Human Resources Management', where he is still an internationally sought-after expert and partner at DIN/ISO level with a current focus on 'Human Capital Reporting' (ISO30414). Dr. Mauterer has played a major role in shaping the core elements of this standard and has syndicated them in international committees."

Hilger Pothmann, Berlin Personalleiter und Mitglied der Regionalen Geschäftsleitungen (Nord und Ost) at Deutsche Bank AG

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E-Booklet - International guideline for human capital reporting ISO 30414
  • Importance of Human Capital for Organizations
  • Core content and application of the guideline
  • Benefits and implications
Publication - "Key metrics in HR - Human Capital Reporting"

First guideline for human capital reporting published: ISO 30414

Publication in HR Performance 2/2019

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