Workforce Management

Business models and labour markets are changing faster and faster. Companies have to react agile. This applies in particular to strategic personnel planning. Rigid personnel planning and shift plans as well as deadlocked structures are a thing of the past. The flexible, demand-optimized and employee-oriented control of personnel becomes a strategic instrument and a long-term competitive advantage.

The large share of personnel costs in the balance sheets of most companies underscores the strategic importance of optimized personnel deployment planning. New developments such as increasing flexibility in working hours and changing employee needs are also increasing the need to deal with target-oriented workforce management. The aim is to use existing personnel capacities more intelligently and to be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing conditions at any time without neglecting strategic planning. An efficient design and optimized coordination of working time management, resource planning and personnel requirements determination offer enormous savings potential. In addition, a transparent database is created which can be used as a reliable basis for personnel decisions.  

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Christian Baier
Dr. Heiko Mauterer