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Compliance Innovation

Under Compliance Innovation, we understand the application of modern technologies, methods, and tools - such as AI, Robotics, Analytics, and Forensics - to compliance processes. With new products and services, coupled with expansions in the regulatory framework, companies face increased compliance risks. Traditional technologies, methods, and tools are reaching their limits in this context. Against this backdrop, companies are compelled to engage with innovative technologies and employ them profitably.



Innovative Technologies and Methods and Their Potential Application in the Compliance Environment

  1. Artificial Intelligence: AI can analyze large, unstructured data sets and compare them with existing search patterns. This is effective in the control environment for identifying risks and suspicious cases that current inspection measures might miss, thanks to machine assistance.
  2. Robotics: Using bots, currently manual controls with low complexity can be automated without needing to adjust existing software. This is particularly suitable as a cost-effective, quickly implementable interim solution.
  3. Forensics: Application of forensic methods and best practices for the thorough tracing of suspicious cases and violations.
  4. Analytics: Utilization of current data analysis methods for reporting, even on large data sets.


Compliance Innovation is crucial for a future-oriented corporate culture. By integrating innovative technologies, we not only meet regulatory requirements, but also promote long-term success and a sense of responsibility.

Daniel Lovric | Partner CCO Advisory

Your Benefits

  • Promoting a Compliance Culture: Our services support companies in establishing a strong compliance culture. This is crucial for integrating compliance into all levels of the organization.
  • Adapting to Regulatory Requirements: With our offerings such as ESG Management and Real Time Analytics, we ensure that your company is always in line with current regulatory requirements.
  • Competitive Advantage Through Integrated Compliance: Our services enable your company to use compliance as a competitive advantage and secure market share.
  • Proactive risk Detection and Minimization: With technologies such as compliance analytics and forensics, we enable the effective and early detection of non-compliant behaviour.
  • Increasing Efficiency Through Technology: The automation of compliance controls and the use of robotics lead to more efficient compliance that meets the changing framework conditions.

Our Approach

Current State Assessment

The process evaluation allows for a detailed analysis of current workflows, potentially supplemented by post-documentation. In parallel, controls are identified to gain a comprehensive understanding of existing processes.

Evaluation of Innovative Approaches

In this phase, we identify areas of optimization potential and pinpoint possible applications for innovative methods and tools. This is followed by a careful assessment of the benefits and costs of these new approaches.

Implementation Support

We design the application field, adjust guidelines, and support the implementation of chosen solutions. This step also includes quality assurance and documentation, as well as the rollout of the implemented measures.

Post-Implementation Review

Finally, the degree of optimization is verified. If necessary, additional opportunities for further refinement and improvement of the process are identified.

What our Customers Say

„The Banking industry is already following strong compliance and regulatory standards, however compliance management systems are yet not so established in other industry sectors. Dr. Heiko Mauterer and Daniel Lovric from 4C GROUP AG joined my team to give us a presentation on the recent market developments and covered the German Corporate Liability Act. The draft law will regulate the offenses by companies in a new way, allowing adjusted and significantly higher penalties regarding to the size of companies. On the other hand it takes penalty mitigation through effective Compliance Management Systems and internal investigations into account, offering the opportunity to make professional Compliance Management a real asset [...].“

Anna Issel Head Anti-Financial Crime International Private Bank at Deutsche Bank

Why 4C?

Why We Are Your Partner for Compliance Innovation

We recognize the importance of compliance as an integral component of modern business strategies. Our expertise in applying state-of-the-art technologies, combined with our comprehensive understanding of innovative compliance approaches, positions us as your ideal partner. We assist you in leveraging compliance not merely as a regulatory requirement, but as a strategic advantage. Contact us to learn more about how we can collaboratively innovate your compliance processes.


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