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Tomorrow's sales models rigorously place customer needs at the center of action and therefore protect against disruption - set your course today!

The days when successful and, above all, future-proof sales organizations were based solely on superior sales staff, efficient sales processes and a lean sales organization are long gone. Today's influences on existing business and sales models are too diverse and have become too complex. Growing competitive pressure is exacerbated by expanding disruption and the entry of new agile competitors. In addition, increasing market transparency is driving the need for improving customer experience and interaction in shorter cycles. Established business models are thus threatened in their future viability and resilience. Past sales successes are no guarantee for future successes and certainly no guarantee for future existence. Set the right course today!

Being fit for the future means rigorously placing the customer at the center of thinking in all business areas. Gearing products and sales towards customers is simply not enough. Customers rather expect to be surprised and inspired at every contact point on their individual "journey". Customers will become fans and ambassadors of a company only if all employees develop a deep self-perception of wanting to inspire their customers.

It is therefore not any longer about simply selling products or services, but rather about creating added value through individualized customer services. Customers do not buy products but seek advice on how to satisfy their needs and wishes best. To meet these needs in the best way and maximize customer satisfaction at the same time, companies should embed their expertise in needs-centered ecosystems. Consequently, the question arises as to whether companies should set up their own ecosystem or join an existing one.

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