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Generative AI, Extended Reality (XR), Internet of Things (IoT) have long been integrated into many companies and industries. But which new technologies truly add value to your business models of tomorrow? Which should be utilized, monitored, or initially neglected? And what must be considered mandatory during implementation? To answer these questions thoroughly and within the context of developing future-proof business models, we focus on the targeted use of new technologies under "Technology Excellence."

We aim to enable you to identify technologies that follow a (customer) problem, contribute to its solution, and thus make a substantial contribution to societal and economic change (e.g., climate change, skilled labor shortages, demographic change, etc.).

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Digital & Innovation Strategy

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Digital & Innovation Strategy: 



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4C Case Study: Agile Product Development

The Lean Service Creation approach to developing digital product ideas for a Pure Digital Player in the financial services industry - with structured creativity to innovative services.

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"The cooperation with Felix Hesse and his colleagues was extremely enriching for my team and me on several levels. The 4C GROUP combines very good methodology with a high degree of individualisation and adaptation to the needs of the client. The colleagues work very precisely, reliably and bindingly. The work results are very rich in content and consistent. They are very appreciative and accommodating, despite all their goal orientation, which makes the cooperation pleasant for all project participants. And decisive for their mission - they bring along knowledge, ideas and impulses, thus enriching the process of strategy design or the detailed preparation of a development project with important aspects of content."

Marta Steib, Head of Workstream Law Firm Management at DATEV eG

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