Use Case

Digital Business Model Development at a Leading Retail Bank


The Company

Leading retail bank in Germany and Austria.

The Challange

The digital, customer-centric services of FinTechs represent a new kind of competition for established financial institutions. In order to continue to operate competitively in the future, traditional houses see the digital development of their business model as the next logical step. However, experience shows that the difficulty of "interlinking" existing products with new services intelligently and addressing additional customer groups is significantly underestimated.


The Approach

The development and introduction of a personal finance management application (PFM) with subsequent business model definition & embedding is intended to drive the digital transformation at the customer. The foundation for this is provided by 4C's own customer-centric lean service creation approach, in which creative processes are combined with a structured approach.

However, before the digital development of the business model begins, so-called introductory workshops are held. The aim is to provide a uniform understanding of the defined objectives and methods used in the subsequent workshops.


Your Benefits

  • Right at the beginning of the first workshop session, an intensive analysis of potential customers and the national and international PFM market takes place. The goal is, on the one hand, to develop fictitious customer profiles (so-called personas) and to identify the core target group for the new PFM application. Second, the analysis helps to obtain a holistic overview of the service offerings and business models of already established financial institutions or FinTechs. Based on the insights gained, "state-of-the-art" as well as own, new features are now developed and subsequently prioritized for the definition of the feature roadmap according to the agile MVP introduction planning.
  • For the subsequent business model development, various business model scenarios that generate innovative revenue streams are defined and played out. A fundamental prerequisite for the scenarios is intelligent networking with the existing business model. In the long term, in fact, the plan is to further develop the entire product portfolio on the basis of processing the data generated by the PFM app. The transfer of the qualitative business model scenarios into a quantitative business case consideration enables sound decision-making and thus sets the starting signal for the digital transformation.
  • By taking a cross-industry perspective as well as regular validation by the customer, it is ensured that customer wishes and problems for the roadmap (MVP planning) are concretely addressed and integrated. In addition, the customer benefits from the inclusion of related interfaces from the conceptual design of the service to the market launch & establishment.




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