Focusing on sales excellence is an important prerequisite for the future viability of the business model.

Focusing on sales excellence will continue to be an important prerequisite for the future viability of the business model from a sales perspective. The mastery and pragmatic implementation of central sales processes and the technological mapping in cross-divisional process organizations - essential parts of the target operating model - is not only an essential step toward increasing transformation readiness, but also increases the chances of success on the challenging transformation journey.

Optimizing the basics in sales still holds significant efficiency and topline potential, especially in established and hybrid sales organizations. It is also the basis for a coordinated approach to customer centricity and exceptional sales performance.

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Sales Excellence
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Future-proof Model
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Customer Centricity
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Sales Excellence topics

  • Operating Model Sales
  • CRM Strategy
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Efficiency
  • Crossselling
  • Pricing Strategy



Future Proof Business Model 

  • Sustainable Sales and Revenue Model
  • AI in Sales
  • Ecosystem and Platform Strategy
  • Digitalization within Sales
  • Omnichanel 2.0
  • End-to-End Digitalization



Customer Centricity topics

  • Transformation to a Customer-centric Organization
  • Customer Value Selling
  • Customer integrated Product Design
  • Customer Journey Management
  • Transparency Customer Satisfaction (NPS)

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