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The business world is changing faster and faster. As a result, HR must also redefine and transform itself. As a management consultancy, we specialize in empowering CHROs and their teams to not only keep pace, but to actively shape the future of their organizations.

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Our Services

HR Transformation

HR Transformation topics: 

  • HR Strategy
  • HR (Target) Operating Model
  • Transformation Excellence

HR Digitalization & Innovation

Consulting Expertise
HR Digitalization & Innovation: 

  • HR IT Modernization
    (e.g. HR Systems - Selection and Implementation)
  • KI for HR

Our Value Proposition

We understand that the transformation of HR requires a strategic realignment that involves far-reaching changes in structures, processes and mindsets. Our approach focuses on establishing HR as an equal partner alongside management. We achieve this by developing a clear and future-oriented HR Target Operating Model (TOM) that not only takes into account current requirements but also future challenges.

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4C Whitepaper: Demographic Shift

Learn more about the framework of demographic change and its implications for you as a decision maker.

Your Benefits


  • Strategic realignment: By adapting your HR strategy to the dynamic market conditions and the internal objectives of your company, we create a solid basis for future success.
  • Development of an HR Target Operating Model (TOM): We design a future-oriented model that optimally aligns your HR functions and maximizes value creation.
  • Transformation excellence: With our specialized know-how, we lead your HR projects from conception to implementation to success, supported by proven methods and innovative tools.
  • Measurability and transparency: We help you to make the effects of your HR measures visible and assessable in order to ensure continuous improvement.


Key Topics

HR Strategy

How radically do we need to adapt our HR strategy to the strategic requirements of the future?

HR Operating Model

What does the HR transformation vision look like and how do we communicate this effectively?

Transformation Readiness

Is your HR ready for the transformation and how can you check this in the key areas?

Tools and Methods

What tools can we use to identify the need for action and make the impact on personnel and processes transparent?


Our goal is not only to give you direction, but to equip you with the necessary tools and strategies so that HR can act as a driving force in your organization. Get in touch with us to shape the future of your HR landscape together.

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