New tasks for Human Resources: Why HR needs to transform to get to eye level

The role of HR in the business transformation described above clearly shows that there must be a rethink in the human resources areas in order to get on a level playing field with the business units that are driving the future transformation. A radical realignment of the HR strategy to the changed requirements of the future transformation will also radiate down to all levels of HR. Central is the development of an HR future picture in the form of a Target Operation Model (TOM), which brings the central value creation levels into focus and lays the outline for the HR organization. In our opinion, HR development and compensation systems are also central, as they strongly manifest old structures and ways of thinking and are predestined to break them up. In order to reach management, HR must also make itself much more transparent and measurable, even if the effect of many measures is not immediately noticeable.

  • How radically do we have to align our HR strategy with the strategic requirements of the future transformation and what are the consequences?
  • What is the target image of HR transformation and how should it be communicated?
  • Is HR transformation ready and how can we check this in the decisive areas?
  • Are there methods and instruments to derive the need for action and to make the impact on personnel and processes transparent?

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