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As a management consultancy we at 4C GROUP have been making companies future-proof since 1997. We don't just consult - we transform businesses! We are the co-drivers on an expedition of change. With our proven expertise in corporate management, HR, sales, technology, digital innovation, and compliance, we work in partnership with our clients to achieve their goals and drive results. We're looking for individuals who want to make a difference and work alongside a dynamic team to create sustainable solutions for our clients. If you're looking for more than just a job and want to bring your unique ideas and perspectives to the table, 4C is the place for you.

We believe that outstanding performance comes from diverse perspectives and a combination of different talents, skills, and life experiences. That's why we're looking for True Characters with their own unique edges, angles, and individual ideas. We embrace diversity and welcome individuals from all backgrounds to join our team on an exciting journey of personal and professional development.

Are you looking to make a meaningful impact? Learn more about our management consultancy and join us on our expedition of change here.

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Be Unique - Be a True Character

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We are looking for true characters

At 4C, we believe that success and fun come from having a team that is diverse in talent and spirit, but united by a shared set of values. We call the people in this team "True Characters". So, what does it mean to be a True Character, and why is working at 4C so special? To answer these questions, we asked our employees, and their responses were as varied as the team itself.

If you're someone who values individuality and wants to be part of a dynamic team that embraces diversity then you could be a True Character too!


What does 4C offer you?

In a nutshell, we aim to provide you with a work environment that caters to your unique needs. Discover the benefits of working with us and how we can support you on your career expedition by exploring our offerings here.



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At 4C GROUP, we provide a range of benefits tailored to each position level: Students - Entry Levels - Professionals - Core Functions.
You can discover the specific benefits available to you by checking your respective entry level.

Why 4C?

What our colleagues appreciate

For me 4C embodies the ideal combination of three distinct worlds: the expertise and professionalism of a top-tier consultancy, the agility and adaptability of a startup, and the warm, familial atmosphere of a family business.

To me, flexibility at 4C specifically means having the opportunity to work as a "designer" from day one. You have the freedom to explore topics that pique your interest, and your proactive approach is valued and encouraged.

- Ines

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Our 4C DNA - Get to know more about our culture

At our company, we're more than just a business - we're a community. Our 4C values lie at the heart of everything we do (so much so that we even carry them in our name). Our 4C culture however goes beyond just our values; it is embodied in our 4C DNA, which truly sets us apart. We believe in TRUE CHARACTERS - individuals who are authentic, ethical, and passionate about their work. Our Hands-on mentality means that we're always ready to roll up our sleeves and get the job done, no matter what it takes. And with our strong team spirit, we support each other and work together to achieve great things.

We're committed to making a positive impact on the world around us, through our focus on ESG - Environment, Social, Governance. At 4C, we place importance on diversity and inclusivity on a daily basis. We also take proactive measures to promote sustainability, both for our 4C community and the planet. We are proud of our dedication to social responsibility and actively seek new opportunities to create a positive impact. As a forward-thinking management consultancy, we aspire to take significant steps towards progress, and we aim to inspire other companies to follow our lead. If you share our values and are looking for a forward-thinking consultancy where you can grow and make a difference, we'd love to hear from you.

Find out more about our contribution to a social and sustainable community here.

ESG at 4C

At 4C, we believe in making a positive impact on society and the environment through our business practices. Our commitment to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) principles is deeply rooted in our 4C DNA. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable living and are proud to have established various regulations for ourselves to ensure we meet our own high standards: Learn more about our commitments as 4C here.

Wir sind 100 % klimaneutral





By the way: Did you know that we are one of the few management consultancies to work 100% climate neutrally?


Our ESG efforts

Unsere 4C Footsteps Stiftung

Social Engagement

At 4C, we believe in creating a positive impact on society, and we're proud of our commitment to social engagement. Our 4C FOOTSTEPS Foundation, established in 2011, is dedicated to supporting early childhood education. We believe that investing in the future generations is just as important as preparing businesses for the future. We welcome individuals from diverse social and ethical backgrounds, and we have set high social standards for ourselves, our employees, customers, and partners. Learn more about our foundation here.

We hold ourselves accountable, and we've set up an anonymous reporting channel, the whistleblower hotline, to ensure that any compliance violations are addressed promptly. If you're passionate about making a difference and want to join a company with strong ESG values, the 4C GROUP is the right place for you.

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Your Development @4C

At 4C, we believe that your career journey is like an expedition: full of possibilities and opportunities for growth. You don't need to have your destination at 4C pre-defined - we believe that True Characters create their own paths. We offer a range of entry opportunities to suit individuals with various qualifications and experience, whether you're seeking an internship, a master's degree, a PhD, or are entering the workforce directly after graduation, professional experience, or even a career break. We're committed to finding the right fit for you at 4C. We pride ourselves on our small, dynamic teams and flat hierarchies, which allow you to gain valuable experience and expertise while developing individually.

Did you know: We value personal connections, which is why each of our partners will take the time to give you a personal warm welcome when you join us. During this meeting, you'll have the opportunity to get to know each other professionally, but more importantly, on a personal level

If you're looking for a supportive environment where you can chart your own course, we invite you to explore career opportunities at 4C here.


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Did you know that our team of 120 professionals can be found in four different locations across Germany? We work on projects both remotely and in-person, whether it's at our 4C offices or our clients' premises in the DACH region.

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