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Developing future-oriented business models that are customer-centric and interconnected, with an emphasis on innovation and digitalization

Whether a corporation, a large enterprise, or an owner-managed company - all must face the "digital age" with its multifaceted challenges.
We specialize in making established business models fit for the future. By this, we mean initiating and consequently implementing customer-centric, interconnected, and sustainable business models. Our focus is on digitalization and innovation.

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Successful Innovations

For us, a successful innovation is defined by two aspects:

  • It presents novelty to the market and customer (or company & employees in the case of processes), and
  • This is implemented in the market, accepted by customers and delivers economically measurable success.

  • On the one hand, this relates to the customer interface of products and services in the context of a more customer-centric and networked approach. On the other hand, it also relates to internal processes and organization in light of introducing digital innovations to boost efficiency and profitability. In order to implement innovation and digitalization projects, companies need new skills. Resources must be used efficiently and effectively in order to maximize the impact of innovation and create sustainable added value.

With our three core service areas in Digital Business & Innovation, we ensure holistic support from strategy development to successful implementation:

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Digital & Innovation Strategy

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Innovation is not a matter of chance, but the outcome of clear structures and dynamic processes. With 'CDO Advisory', we combine these elements to transform your company's portfolio in a targeted and effective way.

Felix Hesse | CDO Advisory 4C GROUP

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4C Study: The Evolving Role of the Chief Digital Officer

The Role of the Chief Digital Officer - Indispensable or Soon Redundant?

As digitalization progresses, the role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is being hotly debated across many industries. Some view it as crucial, while others consider it dispensable.

Our study, conducted in collaboration with ESB Reutlingen, explores potential future scenarios for the positioning of the Chief Digital Officer within companies. We have identified influencing factors and challenges, analyzed roles and responsibilities, derived future scenarios, and summarized these findings.

See the Study


Digital City Munich

Since 2018, the 4C GROUP has been a member of the Digitale Stadt München e.V. association, a cross-industry network in the Munich area. Through various formats and events, the association offers its members a platform for regular exchange. As a member of the association, the 4C GROUP benefits from:

  • Cross-industry discussions on current challenges in the digital transformation and member companies' approaches to solutions
  • Access to knowledge and assessments of digital and innovative trends and developments from different perspectives
  • Establishment and strengthening of internal and external industry partner relationships


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Mitglied: Digitale Stadt München 2024

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"The cooperation with Felix Hesse and his colleagues was extremely enriching for my team and me on several levels. The 4C GROUP combines very good methodology with a high degree of individualisation and adaptation to the needs of the client. The colleagues work very precisely, reliably and bindingly. The work results are very rich in content and consistent. They are very appreciative and accommodating, despite all their goal orientation, which makes the cooperation pleasant for all project participants. And decisive for their mission - they bring along knowledge, ideas and impulses, thus enriching the process of strategy design or the detailed preparation of a development project with important aspects of content."

Marta Steib, Head of Workstream Law Firm Management at DATEV eG

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