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Accounting has always been the basis for the provision of precise information to shareholders and partners as well as for all decisions made by management. Reliability and accuracy therefore remain the most important targets in accounting. Speed also stays important in order to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information. Therefore, a monthly financial statement that shows a complete picture of the asset, financial and earnings situation is part of the accounting basics, even if it is not usually legally required.

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Current topics

IFRS 16, Disclosure Management, CSR Reporting


Our broschures for Accounting Excellence

IFRS 16, ESEF, Integrated Reporting, CSR-Reporting


4C GROUP AG | A Guide to ESEF / European Single Electronic Format
  • FAQs - who is affected, what is to be done, when must one react?
  • Effects of ESEF regulation on processes and systems
  • Overview of the system providers on the market
  • Recommendations and solutions of the 4C GROUP
  • Demonstration tagging and XBRL generation using an exemplary solution
Integrated Reporting: Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?
  • Why a paradigm shift in reporting is necessary
  • Integrated Reporting at a glance
  • Implementation of integrated reporting in practice
  • Benefits of Integrated Reporting 
Study and thesis paper CSR Reporting
  • Motivation of the study
  • Experience in the implementation of CSR reporting
  • Summary: These are the issues that will need to be addressed

Our experts for Accounting Excellence

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Stephan Grunwald

Senior Partner

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Markus Noçon

Senior Partner

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"With the IBM platform we have created a solution with which we have integrated and automated consolidation, forecasting, planning and reporting. The 4C GROUP supported us fully from the conception to the implementation and rollout. At the same time, an internal team was set up and trained so that we are able to carry out further developments ourselves as far as possible and use Planning Analytics as our "performance hub"."

Oliver Markert, Head of Accounting / Financial Reporting / Planning / Controlling / Tax bei UTA UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG

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