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Accounting Excellence - Strategic Realignment in Accounting

At the core of accounting lies not only the precision and speed of providing information, but also the imperative to promptly and accurately inform both internal and external stakeholders. With new regulatory demands, a shortage of skilled workers, and expanding global business operations, integrating automated processes becomes a key strategy to enhance efficiency and ensure the quality of information.



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Accounting Excellence:

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  • Shared Service Center & Global Business Services​
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    Accounting excellence encompasses the optimization and automation of accounting processes through advanced technologies and integrated systems. The relevance of this service stems from the need to be able to react ever more quickly to market requirements while ensuring the accuracy of financial reporting. Core features are the seamless integration of internal and external accounting, the use of AI for process automation and the realization of end-to-end processes in standard ERP systems.

    Accounting Excellence addresses several key challenges in companies:
    1. Speed and Accuracy: the integration of accounting processes increases the speed of data processing and the accuracy of information. This enables fast and well-founded decisions to be made at management level.
    2. Complexity Reduction: The integration of internal and external accounting eliminates the need for cumbersome reconciliation processes between different accounting groups, which reduces complexity and creates transparency.
    3. Cost Efficiency: Automated processes reduce the need for manual intervention, thereby lowering operating costs. Resources can also be deployed more efficiently.
    4. Compliance and Standards: Digitalization and the implementation of best-practice processes simplify compliance with new and existing standards, which minimizes the risk of compliance violations.
    5. Adaptability: Companies gain flexibility in the face of regulatory changes and market conditions thanks to the improved scalability and modifiability of accounting systems.

    In Focus

    IFRS and SAP S/4 HANA

    Breakthrough in Corporate Management: SAP S/4 Promotes the Seamless Integration of the Worlds of Figures in Accounting

    Speed and reliability are also improved by the long-standing trend towards the integration of internal and external accounting. The spread of IFRS was the starting signal for this. As a result, reconciliations between different accounting groups are no longer necessary and corporate management follows the externally communicated targets. SAP's new product generation, S/4, now fully supports this concept.

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    Process Automation

    From Robots to AI: The Evolution of Process Automation in Modern ERP Systems

    New technologies promise the next boost in the automation of high-volume processes. The use of increasingly intelligent robots makes this possible even in an ERP landscape that is not fully integrated. However, the greatest lever of automation is still the mapping of integrated end-to-end processes, as accounting is the sink of many upstream business processes. Modern ERP systems have been making this possible for a long time. However, many organizations struggle with integrative process optimization due to responsibility boundaries. As a result, the head of accounting is evolving from a personnel manager to a process manager.

    Artificial intelligence promises to automate further process steps. As part of a financial AI strategy, initial candidates can be identified and experience gained through pilots.

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    Group Accounting and Disclosure Management

    Optimizing Group Accounting: Increasing Efficiency From the Individual Company Level to Group Reporting

    In group accounting, the integration of accounting systems leads to a considerable simplification and acceleration of the preparation of consolidated financial statements. By implementing accounting excellence at individual company level, we enable a fully automated reconciliation to the Group chart of accounts. These include segment reporting and the efficient management of intercompany transactions.

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    Shared Services & Global Business Services

    Shared services and global business services are a solution strategy for the accounting challenges faced by global organizations, as they enable the efficient bundling of financial and accounting services. By centralizing these functions, companies can optimize their operational processes, increase transparency and improve reporting. This leads to improved decision-making at management level and supports stronger integration of financial management into the overall corporate strategy. Shared Services and Global Business Services thus make a significant contribution to improving financial performance and competitiveness.

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    Through a clever transition management, exploiting the potential optimal.

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    Optimization of collaboration, workflow, compliance and control

    Optimization of Accounting

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    As a leading management consultancy, we have in-depth expertise and extensive experience in the implementation of accounting solutions. Our approach combines process excellence and technology with customized strategies tailored specifically to the needs of your business. Rely on our expertise to transform your accounting processes and realize significant competitive advantages. Contact us to learn how we can help your business succeed with customized accounting solutions.

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    4C Whitepaper: BEPS Pillar II - Global Minimum Taxation

    BEPS Pillar II

    Please note that at the moment we can offer this document only in German. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    4C Whitepaper: IFRS 16

    Find out how you can master the change in accounting and optimize your contract management with our white paper on IFRS 16. Discover it now!

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    "The challenge of mapping an integrated business model of a global industrial group was big. Markus Noçon and his team masterfully implemented it and created a system that convinces through layout and usability. Despite the different business plans of the individual companies, from construction to production and service, it is thanks to the competence of the team that this has been implemented in Planning Analytics in a user-friendly way. By implementing Cognos Controller at the same time, an integrated system was created that maps the business processes from budgeting and planning to consolidation and reporting. The training of users at our locations in the USA and the Caribbean allows us to develop analyses and reports independently (cultural and language barriers were never an obstacle). Schedule and budget were always adhered to. 4C has repeatedly provided us with valuable ideas and impulses, and through professional methodology has created a system adapted to our specific needs."

    Ulrich Wrabetz, Finance Director at Proman AG

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