Accounting Excellence - what does excellence mean?

Excellence is always a relative term and requires an evaluation yardstick! How often do companies try to find this out through benchmarking and best practice? But in the end it is always about finding the best possible support from accounting for the business model and strategy of the company in the most efficient way possible! For companies, this means finding out what it means to do the right things and how to do it.

These requirements from the business model and the strategy were ideally the basis for the development of the Target Operating Model in the finance area. Therefore, within the framework of this model, the aspired self-image, the role, the process map as well as the organization and the system technical support should have been described. This lays the foundation for an evaluation!

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Whitepaper Target Operating Model


4C Whitepaper: Target Operating Model

The whitepaper provides insights into the adaptation of finance in the context of CFO 4.0, including the integration of new data into reporting, the design of reporting and control in the era of Industry 4.0, as well as the impacts of moving CRM systems into the cloud on the CFO.

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