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In a time of rapid change and growing dissatisfaction with traditional SSC models, GBS (Global Business Services) are gaining importance as innovative, future-oriented solutions. 4C plays a significant role in this evolution, offering deep expertise to successfully guide companies through this essential transformation.

Success Factors

  • Synergistic Development: Our strategy for SSC/GBS transformation is closely linked to the development of our clients' business models. We perceive the transition from SSC to GBS not merely as a maturity process, but also as a shift in focus from pure cost reductions to optimizing the ratio of input to output.
  • Customer-Oriented Transformation: We support the transition from an internal continuous improvement process (CIP) in the SSC to a joint CIP with the end users in the GBS. This includes stronger customer integration through participation in strategic processes and management meetings, as well as through regular feedback and user surveys.
  • Expanded Service Portfolio and Quality Improvement: Our expertise extends to the continuous improvement of service quality and the development of the service offering through active requirements engineering and customer intimacy/centricity.
  • Growing Responsibility and Role Understanding in GBS: With increasing trust in the professionalism and business understanding of the GBS, its area of responsibility grows. We promote this process and support the development of a group orientation that prioritizes group interest over individual interests.

With these approaches, 4C Management Consulting ensures its clients a leading position in the forward-looking world of SSC and GBS.


Shared Service Centers (SSCs) serve as specialized units within an organization, aimed at centralizing and standardizing a wide array of support services - such as finance and accounting, human resource management, and IT services - to achieve cost efficiency and process optimization. These centers are focused on efficiently delivering repetitive and transactional activities for multiple business units, with an emphasis on realizing economies of scale and enhancing operational excellence.

In contrast, Global Business Services (GBS) represent an evolutionary expansion of the SSC model by offering integrated service delivery that extends beyond traditional back-office functions, including more strategic, value-generating services that aim for comprehensive business transformation, featuring a stronger focus on business outcomes and customer orientation.

Our SSC/GBS transformations are not just a step towards efficiency enhancement, but a strategic leap into the future of corporate management.

Stephan Henting | CFO Advisory

Your Benefits

  • Strategic Alignment: Transitioning to SSC/GBS allows companies to evolve from traditional, cost-focused models to forward-thinking, value-creating service structures.
  • Optimized Operations: Integrating and standardizing processes in SSCs and GBS enhances efficiency and simplifies management for clients.
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: The transformation fosters a stronger customer focus by aligning services with the actual needs of end-users, leading to improved service quality.


Our Approach

Our approach focuses on ensuring seamless integration of SSC/GBS into companies' existing business models. We perceive transformation as a holistic process that encompasses both operational and strategic aspects of corporate management. By working closely with our clients, we develop customized solutions that address efficiency and cost optimization, while also unlocking long-term growth and innovation potential.

Various factors can trigger changes in the Finance Target Operating Model and pave the way for SSC or GBS:

Internal Factors

  • Changes in the business model: Shifts in strategy, portfolio expansions, growth, internationalization, necessary improvements in efficiency and performance (cost pressure).
  • Organizational changes due to mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs, or outsourcings.
  • Development of corporate culture.

External Factors

  • Market changes: New competitors, market exits, altered customer requirements.
  • Regulatory requirements: Tightening of regulations, new reporting requirements (CSR/IFRS), changes in tax legislation.
  • International trade agreements and tariffs.
  • Geopolitical events.
  • Shifts in environmental awareness.


  • Shortage of skilled workers.
  • New work/competency requirements.
  • New training measures (upskilling).
  • Changing employee expectations: work-life balance, remote work, flexible working hours, flat hierarchies.
  • Style of leadership: Agile vs. traditional.

Technological Changes

  • Digital transformation: Transition from paper-based to digital processes.
  • Advances in information and communication technology: AI, Big Data, Deep Learning, and Cloud Computing.
  • Automation: Introduction of robotics and the integration of machines and IT through sensors.

What our Customers Say

"The challenge of mapping an integrated business model of a global industrial group was big. Markus Noçon and his team masterfully implemented it and created a system that convinces through layout and usability. Despite the different business plans of the individual companies, from construction to production and service, it is thanks to the competence of the team that this has been implemented in Planning Analytics in a user-friendly way. By implementing Cognos Controller at the same time, an integrated system was created that maps the business processes from budgeting and planning to consolidation and reporting. The training of users at our locations in the USA and the Caribbean allows us to develop analyses and reports independently (cultural and language barriers were never an obstacle). Schedule and budget were always adhered to. 4C has repeatedly provided us with valuable ideas and impulses, and through professional methodology has created a system adapted to our specific needs."

Ulrich Wrabetz, Finance Director at Proman AG

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