How does the application process work?

The process is individual and personal. We use technical support, but do not use automatic pre-selection. Through interviews, we want to give you the opportunity to gain further impressions beyond the technical and organizational topics and find out whether 4C is a good fit for you. If you have convinced us, you will receive a contract offer as soon as possible - then the decision is yours!

After the internal pre-selection, you call HR or directly the department - if necessary, the first interview is also via MS Teams. If it fits, then it continues in person.

Entry-level positions:
Ideally, we meet at the office location of your choice and you get to know at least two consultants and can ask anything that is on your mind. We invite you to work on a small case before the interviews and try out consulting life in "miniature". We are curious to see how you approach the task, analyze and structure it, prepare it in a way that is suitable for the client, and also your English skills.

Student positions:
Either you come to our office or you meet your potential candidates virtually. The focus is on personal exchange, including a short case study about your field of interest. It is also important for us to discuss which project assignment could be the right one for you.

Which factors are important for my application?

The overall picture must be right. We are not looking for ready-made employees, but for personalities - TRUE CHARACTERS! Employees who want to get involved and develop personally with us, who demand responsibility for their results at an early stage, who transfer their motivation and enjoyment of consulting to our customers and become ambassadors for our brand and our values.
In order for you to be a good fit for us and for us to be a good fit for you, you must have the following personal qualities

  • Willingness to learn and thirst for knowledge
  • Enthusiasm and enjoyment of service
  • Openness, humor and team spirit
  • strength of character and competence

What kind of salaries does 4C pay?

We work with salary bands, that means we evaluate the level at which consultants can advise customers. Depending on the level of development, made transparent through personnel development, you will receive a corresponding salary. In this way, we avoid individual negotiations with a potentially unfair overall result. For us, the measure of fairness is your performance level, not your negotiating power. Our salary ranges are transparent internally and externally:

  • Graduates with a Master's degree start as Consultants, currently with an annual salary of EUR 53,000 fixed + EUR 4,000 bonus.
  • At the level of Senior Consultant with partial project responsibility, the salary range starts at EUR 60,000 fixed p.a. and a bonus of EUR 5,000 per year is added.
  • At the Managing Consultant level, a step up to Manager, the salary range starts at EUR 70,000 fixed plus EUR 6,000 bonus per year.
  • Managers who take full responsibility for managing projects and can also support acquisitions, for them the band starts at EUR 83,000 fixed p.a. In addition, there are three bonus components, which are not capped.
  • Senior managers at 4C take on an active leadership role in the competence centers in addition to their project responsibility. Their fixed salary is between EUR 105 and 130 thousand p.a. plus three uncapped bonus components.

The salary bands are integrated into a salary model that describes the components transparently for all 4C employees and also explains the calculation logic in detail and comprehensibly. The entrepreneurial component is underlined by our employee participation program. Here, employees who have been in the 4C team for more than 2 years can acquire shares in 4C.

What about the willingness to travel in times of Covid-19?

Before Covid-19, our consulting teams spent four days on site with customers and one day at the office of their choice - Office Friday. Currently, we do a lot of remote work (hybrid model). We don't yet know exactly where the New Normal will take us and the consulting industry. What will always be the case, however, is that clients will set the pace of work. We assume that the standard will not go back to a "4+1", because the world will also change for our customers. But there are still projects that run in this rhythm. So, you have to feel like traveling regularly, otherwise you won't enjoy your job in the long run. No matter where the travel goes, Fridays will continue to be important to us and our culture and trainings.

How does your mentoring program work?

You'll have several people to talk to: A senior project leader, who accompanies you "on the job" and ensures a professional start on your first project. Then you have a "buddy" for all consulting situations and your manager, with whom you discuss your personal development.

In the personal mentoring your buddy is available for all informal questions and helps you with the "warm up" at 4C. It is a person of trust and contact that all new employees can use as intensively as they wish. In the professional mentoring, your project manager supports you in your introduction to the 4C organization, in your first consulting projects and in your individual development in project work.

Furthermore, there is a person in the Competence Center who is your disciplinary manager. With this person you discuss how to reach the next level, your development goals, measures and the next relevant steps. In addition, you can call on HR's coaching expertise for the personnel development meetings as needed. Your development is not only supported on the job, but also through internal and external training measures.

How does 4C support my personal development?

You meet with your manager at least four times a year to discuss your personal development. To ensure that your development is targeted for the next career step, we work with a competency model that maps the relevant areas of consulting life. For some time now, we have successfully digitized this area, so that even in times of Covid-19, personnel development can continue to run at full speed.

How does 4C support my professional development?

Training curriculum: We offer you about 8 to 12 training days per year on methodological competence, professionalism, personal development and customer management.

  • The first module of our basic curriculum consists of methodological (e.g. interview and presentation techniques, moderation, etc.) as well as professional training.
  • The following modules focus on the expansion of the acquired professional knowledge and the development of the very important interpersonal skills as well as leadership competence.
  • Our internal 4C basic training courses ensure the transfer of knowledge within 4C. Here, practice-oriented technical topics from all our focus areas are examined.

Does 4C have a master's / doctoral program?

We also have solutions for this and support your further development in this area as well - individually. There is no "one" concept, because there are too many on the market and we don't want to lock our colleagues into one. That's why we talk to each other early on and find a solution that is attractive for both you and 4C.

What career paths are there at 4C?

You determine your career path according to your individual pace and your personal objectives. There is no "up or out" with us.

  • Consultant - project work to get started in a relaxed way
  • Senior Consultant - partial project responsibility and the opportunity to prove yourself
  • Managing Consultants - on the best way to becoming a manager
  • Manager - project responsibility and customer management
  • Partner / Senior Manager - overall responsibility for projects, customers and partner acquisition

If you have a passion for technology and are part of our Business Innovation and Analytics team, then we have designed the pathways around this very technical component

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help, you can contact us at .

We look forward to meeting you and guiding you through the process!


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