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Planning, control and target alignment of the IT organization

IT systems are playing an increasingly important role in the business models of almost all industries. Irrespective of whether the business model itself is a digital business model or processes of traditional business models are automated, the proportion of IT costs increases significantly compared to the costs of other resources. While business administration entrusts entire chairs with the control of traditional input factors, IT is a hybrid between worlds and seems to elude discussion. However, anyone who has ever bought a computer from a discounter and configured it and brings the clear message from this experience believes they can have a say in the matter: IT is becoming cheaper and cheaper - why not also in our company?

More than ever, transparency and new control approaches are required here! The more automated the processes become - and Industry 4.0 is already beginning to show us where the journey is heading - the more unsuitable the traditional instruments seem to be.

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Effective IT Controlling


Competitive advantages and transparency through effective IT controlling - A repositioning of IT controlling beyond budget control is overdue
  • Increasing IT requirements
  • IT controlling and IT management: value creation phases
  • Solution und Consulting approach of the 4C GROUP 
  • Benefits of performance-oriented IT controlling

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