Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

The CSR report – Challenge and chance!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting has recently become mandatory for capital market-oriented companies. For many other companies, CSR is already part of their external image and internally a tool for better managing these essential issues. The 4C GROUP is convinced that reporting on social and ecological issues will play an even more central role for corporate management in the future. Since we take our social responsibility seriously, this topic is also very important to us.

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Our broschure for CSR reporting

Whitepaper to CSR reporting - legal duty and marketing dumb or meaningful control?

Since 2014, certain companies have been obliged to publish non-financial information on corporate social responsibility. We provide an overview of CSR reporting:

  1. Challenges in CSR Reporting 
  2. Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
  3. Benefit of CSR Reporting
Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 29 KB)

More whitepaper on reporting

Challenges and approach


Whitepaper - Integrated Reporting: Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?
  • Why a paradigm shift in reporting is necessary
  • Integrated Reporting at a glance
  • Implementation of integrated reporting in practice
  • Benefits of Integrated Reporting 
Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 324 KB)

Our experts for CSR reporting

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