Consolidation systems

Consolidation - the mythical abilities?

Consolidators often enjoy a mythical reputation within a company! The activities sound complicated and complex and seem difficult to understand. Many consolidation professionals are also very close to auditing and tax consulting. This is not least because the work has legal relevance and must be comprehensible for the auditor. Whenever things get complicated, the call for technical support is big.

If SAP S/4HANA now propagates real-time consolidation, then it is worth learning from this target picture - regardless of whether it makes sense to watch the accountant live while preparing the financial statements!

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Checklist - framework parameters for the perfect consolidation tool

Get a summary of typical criteria for selecting a consolidation system in our checklist.

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Top management reporting: Focusing corporate management on real key performance indicators - Powerful control concepts are the prerequisite for effective management cockpits
  • Need for effective and transparent control information as a starting point for the introduction of a Management Cockpit
  • 4C approach to developing an effective management cockpit
  • Advantages and Benefits of a Management Cockpit
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