Technical support by consolidation systems

Consolidation - the mythical abilities?

Consolidators often enjoy a mythical reputation within a company! The activities sound complicated and complex and seem difficult to understand. Many consolidation professionals are also very close to auditing and tax consulting. This is because the work has legal relevance and must be comprehensible for the auditor. Whenever things get complicated, technical support is needed. Regularly, the belief is that an efficient consolidation system will solve all problems by itself.

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Our broschures for consolidation systems

Checklist Consolidationtool, Top Management Reporting


Checklist - framework parameters for the perfect consolidation tool

Get a summary of typical criteria for selecting a consolidation system in our checklist.

Top management reporting: Focusing corporate management on real key performance indicators
  • Powerful control concepts are the prerequisite for effective management cockpits
  • 4C approach to developing an effective management cockpit
  • Advantages and Benefits of a Management Cockpit

Selected customer references

Proman, UTA, Grohe


"The challenge of mapping an integrated business model of a global industrial group was big. Markus Noçon and his team masterfully implemented it and created a system that convinces through layout and usability. Despite the different business plans of the individual companies, from construction to production and service, it is thanks to the competence of the team that this has been implemented in Planning Analytics in a user-friendly way. By implementing Cognos Controller at the same time, an integrated system was created that maps the business processes from budgeting and planning to consolidation and reporting. The training of users at our locations in the USA and the Caribbean allows us to develop analyses and reports independently (cultural and language barriers were never an obstacle). Schedule and budget were always adhered to. 4C has repeatedly provided us with valuable ideas and impulses, and through professional methodology has created a system adapted to our specific needs."

Ulrich Wrabetz, Finance Director at Proman AG

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"With the IBM platform we have created a solution with which we have integrated and automated consolidation, forecasting, planning and reporting. The 4C GROUP supported us fully from the conception to the implementation and rollout. At the same time, an internal team was set up and trained so that we are able to carry out further developments ourselves as far as possible and use Planning Analytics as our "performance hub"."

Oliver Markert, Head of Accounting / Financial Reporting / Planning / Controlling / Tax bei UTA UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG

Implementation of consolidation systems

We support you with the system implementation


If the prerequisites are in place, we will also be happy to help you implement suitable consolidation systems. Our solutions in Group Accounting focus on the market leaders of system providers, for whom we have developed our own expertise over the last 20 years.

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