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Corporate reporting has often grown historically. Inquiries and special evaluations are part of standard reporting and infrequently, key figures are regularly checked with regard to your control action.

Reporting is part of the management and control system and helps to translate the essential guidelines for the business model and the strategy so that they can be present in the daily work and have an impact. Therefore, a meaningful reporting concept is based on an analysis of the business model and the strategy. In order to focus the management on the essential requirements for action, the key figures must also be distinguished with regard to your content.

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Our broschures for Reporting 4.0

Notation, monthly statements, Top Management Reporting


Minimalism in Reporting - The 4C Notation ©: How to use a company-specific presentation to make your reporting appealing, thus increasing the acceptance and effectiveness of your top management
  • General rules of 4C notation ©
  • Negative Rules and positive rules of Notation
  • Guidelines for column and bar diagrams


Reporting requires a structured closing process: Period ending - the inconspicuous process that depends a lot
  • Significance of the closing process for corporate management
  • best practice
  • Approach 4C GROUP
Integrated Reporting: Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?
  • Why a paradigm shift in reporting is necessary
  • Integrated Reporting at a glance
  • Implementation of integrated reporting in practice
  • Benefits of Integrated Reporting 
Whitepaper to key figure control: Signal for corporate management with a course towards strategic and operational goals
  • Challenges of key figure control
  • Potential of key figure control: on the way to the key figure system
  • solution approach 

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