Digital Agenda

Roadmap for transparent and goal-oriented digitization

In recent years Disruption, Robotics and Predictive have been greatly discussed! Mostly the question was wrong: What can I digitalize? The correct question is: What do I want to improve and how or where can digitization help me?

Do you also have projects in your company nobody knows why they are even being carried out? Another new idea is being chased because someone read somewhere that it's good for something. But just jumping on a the bandwagon without knowing where it's going usually takes you even further away from the actual destination! So don’t follow every buzz word and don't believe that everyone else is much further along and that digitization is a saviour.

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Our broschures for Digital Agenda

Whitepaper Digital Agenda, Digital Finance


Whitepaper on Digital Agenda: How to ask the right questions
  • Developing a finance vision
  • Creating new solutions: Design Thinking Workshops
  • Defining tasks and dependencies using the Digital Agenda
Digital Finance - Digitization will increasingly change finance
  • Where does digitization begin? 
  • Digitization is the project to use digital technology to offer new products, to improve processes and to improve communication and networking 
  • Digital Strategy, Digital Operations and Digital Capabilities

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