„The open exchange with 4C colleagues strengthens my conviction that there are no stupid questions. But what's special about the 4C is that there are no stupid answers here either.“

Krzysztof Glatzel Technical Consultant

Consultant and student in one

Your way to 4C?
Shortly before the end of my bachelor studies at ESB Reutlingen, a business analytics professor sent my resume to 4C. The same day I found out about it, I got a call inviting me to an interview. At that point, I was still skeptical and thought to myself - 4C - what is that anyway? What am I getting myself into? After the first meeting in the Munich office with future colleagues, my doubts disappeared so quickly that I changed my original plans a few weeks later and decided to join 4C as a Junior Consultant. In order to broaden my horizons even more despite the steep learning curve in consulting, I started my part-time master's degree abroad a month after starting work, because practice without theory is blind.
What makes working at 4C special to you?
My focus - reporting and data analysis - combines the roles of consultant and developer. Combining the wishes of the customer with what is feasible is a challenge that requires us to have in-depth knowledge and creativity, to think outside the box and to develop completely new solutions because the standards do not meet expectations. There is no question of monotony, because each project is different from the others. The best moments are when I see that the solution I worked on implementing works, is used at the customer's site and is actually used in everyday business. That gives the motivation to push the topics and opens the space for further development.
What does it mean to me to be a TRUE CHARACTER?
I follow the motto "can't be done, doesn't exist". No matter how complex a problem may be, I always "drill" deeper with the questions to get to the solution of the problem. For me, there are no taboo topics - both in business and in my private life, I value an open culture of discussion and the opportunity to express my own thoughts.

Personal Expedition
When I'm not in the office or lecture hall, I'm a motorsport fan. I like to watch Formula 1 or go karting myself. #krisneedsspeed #fast&furious

  • Technical Consultant
    @4C consulting field Business Intelligence & Analytics, November 2022
  • Business Informatics (part-time Master's programme)
    @Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland
  • Entry as Junior Consultant
    @4C consulting field Business Intelligence & Analytics, September 2021
  • International Management (Doppeldiplom)
    @ESB Business School Reutlingen
  • International Management (Doppeldiplom)
    @Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland