Managing restructuring in a sustainable and effective manner in restructuring and making the future attractive

Requirements for change management in restructuring phases

Increasingly complex and large tasks of change are an enormous challenge for your clinic. Here, the organizational impact on the individual departments of the hospital is of utmost importance. The conflicts usually arise on the ground and lead to early and emotionally shaped resistance, which trigger strong counterproductive and uncontrollable forces. Especially in times of restructuring and redevelopment, many fears are reversed. The solution sounds simple: lead the project to success through a suitable change management approach. But how can this look like in practice? Here we give you an insight into our many years of experience.

The change management cart in practice

There are a variety of theoretical change management methods, the best known is probably the 3-phase model by Kurt Lewin. From our experience we know that most theoretical models can and should not be rigidly applied. Rather, the principle of models should be internalized and translated into pragmatic and appropriate change structures for your organization. We want to understand your clinic!

Our favored change approach therefore follows the consideration of a strategic change management, which sets the basic methodology and the project approach at the beginning of the project. Operationally, the technical, organizational and technical aspects are dealt with in the project, while change management primarily addresses the personal level and the management level. A clear commitment must be made by the management in order to gain a suitable basis and understanding for the employees in the project or the adjustment of operative work processes. This cooperation is determined by operational change aspects within the project control. The approaches can be different and flow into the project work depending on the requirements.

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