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Sales and procurement markets are rapidly changing due to global political and climate factors. Technology is developing in increasingly shorter cycles, and customer needs are continuously evolving. At the same time, societal and political changes are creating new risk scenarios for which companies are often not adequately prepared. Decision-makers are forced to continuously validate and adapt their business models to ensure future viability. This ongoing management task is becoming increasingly complex and technologically demanding due to the growing pressure to digitalize and use AI, alongside the rising threats to the digital security of customer relationships and business processes. Our consulting services aim to deeply understand technological, regulatory, and organizational transformation triggers, such as increasing crisis resilience, with a clear focus on assessing opportunities and risks not just at the beginning of a transformation but throughout the ongoing transformation success management. As a holistic transformation specialist, we offer a rare combination of broad expertise from various CxO-driven changes and comprehensive transformation management and design.

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Future-Proofing Business Models:


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In Focus

Strategy, Impact & Design Transformation

Company-wide transformations with multiple complex programs require planning that addresses both technical-structural requirements and cultural changes from various business perspectives, translating them into a strategic roadmap. This can be company-wide or highly functional from the respective CxO perspective but must always be evaluated and tailored considering the overall transformation portfolio and overarching business requirements.

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Transformation Success Management

To manage complex transformation programs, we employ a pragmatic and balanced approach to planning, control, and ongoing risk assessment. Our focus extends beyond the program view to encompass the overall transformation landscape and project framework. Using our methods and tools, we enable existing project structures to prepare for and progressively professionalize in response to the challenges of a company-wide transformation.


Strategic Project Portfolio

Complex transformation programs initially compete with other initiatives that have been launched earlier or later, which need to be implemented quickly due to external regulatory requirements or internal specific market or customer demands with short time-to-stakeholder or time-to-market. We assist in integrating a portfolio process with the transformation that establishes balanced prioritizations and necessary project prerequisites for evaluation and ramp-up within the corporate project environment.


Change Readiness, Communication & Management

With comprehensive transformation experience, we empower your organization to establish targeted change management. Based on the transformation approach and resulting impact analysis, we tailor methods and tools to fit the specific company situation, tracking and adjusting their effectiveness throughout the transformation. This includes a communication and interaction concept tailored to the specific corporate culture.


Success Factors

Success in transformation excellence requires a clear vision and strategic leadership. The commitment of the entire management team is essential, which promotes a strong leadership culture and a willingness to adapt. In addition, a precise alignment of corporate goals with digital and technological innovations is crucial. Effective risk management must be established in order to identify potential threats at an early stage and be able to respond to them. Another critical success factor is the development of an adaptive organizational structure that can react agilely to change and is supported by continuous training and development of employees. Finally, continuous evaluation and adaptation of the transformation strategy is required to ensure long-term impact and sustainability.

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Our management consultancy combines broad industry knowledge with comprehensive expertise in all aspects of Transformation Excellence. With our tailored consulting approach, we ensure that your specific needs and challenges are understood and addressed. We work closely with your leadership team not only to develop plans but also to successfully implement them and create long-term value.

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