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Digitalization in the Healthcare Sector: Patient-Centric, Networked and Sustainable

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Challenges in Modern Healthcare

In today's healthcare landscape, hospitals and clinics are faced with a multitude of challenges. These challenges are complex and multifaceted, and they influence the way healthcare services are provided and healthcare facilities are operated in the future.

Demographics and Labor Shortages

The ageing population is increasing the demand for healthcare professionals. Hospitals must offer attractive working conditions and promote training and further education. The integration of foreign nursing staff is a major challenge for hospitals, as recruitment alone is not enough. Technology can also help to overcome language barriers.

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4C Study 2024: Patient Portal

Find out in our study how the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) is driving digitalization in the healthcare sector.

In an era where demographic shifts, workforce shortages, digitalization, and economic pressures converge, leaders in the healthcare sector must carefully adapt their strategies to both maintain care quality and ensure financial sustainability.

Hans-Martin Schneider | 4C GROUP

Our Focus

Hospital of Tomorrow

Hospital of Tomorrow

  • Strategic realignment
  • Responsibility & Compliance
  • Network strategy & location concepts
  • Transformation Strategy
  • Values, Meaning and CSR
Excellence in Clinic Management

Excellence in Clinic Management

  • Redevelopment and Restructuring
  • Controlling & Planning
  • Case management, accounting, MD
  • Financing and subsidies
  • Project portfolio management
Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare

  • Digitization Strategy / KHZG
  • Patient portals
  • Network ecosystems
  • Change Management
  • New Work
  • IT strategy (integration of legacy systems)

Together Into the Future: We are Making the Healthcare System Digital

4C is shaping the future of healthcare by merging expertise in clinical processes and digital innovation. Our goal is to help clinics and hospitals deliver patient-centered, efficient and advanced care.

Customized Strategies and Technologies

By combining customized strategies and innovative technologies, we create a connected and more human healthcare landscape that supports patients and professionals alike.

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What our Customers Say

"We did not want to delegate necessary restructuring within the group to external consultants, but rather to take it into our own hands. As mentors, the 4C consultants provided pragmatic support to responsible employees at the beginning of the change processes that were initially unfamiliar. In this way, the company's competence in project management was strengthened and can be called upon for future projects".

Hans-Joachim Lenke, Vorstandsvorsitzender, Ev. Diakoniewerk Schwäbisch-Hall

Our Mission

Our Mission: Leveraging the Potential of Digitalization

Our mission is to support clinics and hospitals in exploiting the full potential of digitalization for the benefit of everyone involved. In doing so, we never lose sight of the fact that behind every technological innovation is a human being.

Partnership and Innovation

Together with our customers, we will develop customized strategies, integrate innovative technologies and promote a culture of change.

People and Technology

A future where healthcare is digital, accessible and efficient - a future where technology supports and enhances human care for patients and staff.


POLAVIS develops and implements innovative eHealth solutions for hospitals. The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of 4C GROUP AG with a focus on healthcare. Founded as "eHealth Ventures GmbH", its roots lay in the professional integration of B2C and B2B requirements. With the change of name to "POLAVIS GmbH", the established product brand became a leader. POLAVIS has grown steadily since the beginning and today focuses on digital eHealth products for hospitals. Thanks to its solid medium-sized financing and good sales situation, POLAVIS is independent of short-term interests and sustainably positioned in the hospital market.

More about POLAVIS

"Kompetenznetzwerk Krankenhausmanagement"

An Initiative of the 4C GROUP AG

The initiative has set itself the goal of generating new impulses and ideas for a sustainable hospital management and creating an exchange platform for hospitals executives. One field of attention is the identification and exchange of best practices from hospitals and usable instruments from other industries. Core event of the KKM is since 2009 the annual Roundtable-Meeting in which top executives in the hospital management discuss current and future issues as well as their solutions in a confidential atmosphere.

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What our Customers Say

"It is difficult to agree on uniform occupancy and treatment processes across all types of service. With the support of the 4C GROUP, we have managed to fundamentally reorient the cross-disciplinary and cross-functional cooperation throughout the entire hospital towards the patient."

Dr. Gunther Essinger, Director, zfp - Klinikum Nordschwarzwald

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