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Demographic Shift

Demographic change is a key factor that fundamentally transforms the world. Along with climate change, digitalization, and political shifts, it affects nearly all aspects of life. Its impacts, much like those of climate change, are gradual, and often, changes are either ignored or postponed to the future.

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Succeeding Through Demographic Change

Demographic change refers to the change in the age structure of a nation and the associated societal impacts. Birth rates are falling, parenthood is occurring later and life expectancy is increasing. These factors are known, but difficult to influence. Companies must therefore assume that politics and society will do little to change them and must accept the consequences.

Demographic change does not only affect individual nations or the Western world, but also emerging countries and China as well. At 4C our goal is to help organisations navigate safely through these changes. In this first step, we want to create transparency about what changes, opportunities and risks we expect and how risk managers can keep an eye on them.

The Demographic Shift Framework

A systematic analysis of the expected influence of demographic change considers both the internal and external perspective of your company. When considering the external perspective, we use traditional strategic models such as Porter's Five Forces Model to analyse the internal environment of your company. At the same time, we also take into account factors such as technology, environment, politics and society that influence the external environment. For the internal perspective, we use various structural models such as the Business Model Canvas, process models and value chain models to perform a comprehensive analysis.

Download our white paper to learn more about the Demographic Shift Framework and its implications for you as a decision maker.

This white paper does not claim to shed light on all aspects for all companies, sectors and situations. Rather, the paper aims to use examples to illustrate the approach and invite discussion.

Strategic Action in Demographic Change

So how should we deal with demographic change? Demographic change poses great challenges to entrepreneurs and requires active engagement and strategic action. Transparency and recognition of the interrelationships is the first and most important step. The steps outlined in the whitepaper are a good blueprint for a situation analysis.

Demographic change requires comprehensive analyses, adjustments and transformations in different areas of the company. From integrating new insights to re-evaluating supplier relationships and fostering a diverse corporate culture, decisive measures are needed to successfully manage the change.

Analysis & Integration

Dealing with demographic change requires transparency and a comprehensive situation analysis. The influence of climate change, digitalisation and political currents must also be assessed. Risk managers must become active and go beyond documentation.

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Reassessment of the Supplier Relationship

The relationship with suppliers can also be reassessed. How many people in charge have difficulties in analysing a process chain.Thinking in contexts will become as much a success factor as the economical use of working time.

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Utilisation of the Internal Potential

The internal potential within companies is not yet optimally utilized. The focus shouldn't just be on the exchange of employees from Germany to abroad, but also vice versa. Digitalization and automation are crucial for success even within. Companies should prioritize IT and find long-term solutions for the availability of development and maintenance resources.

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Transformation Within the HR Function

The HR function is becoming increasingly critical for business success and must undergo drastic changes. Traditional internal HR processes are no longer sufficient. Collaborations with municipalities for public transport and childcare, as well as partnerships with competitors for training facilities, are part of the new HR profile. The seriousness of the nursing crisis calls for cross-border solutions.

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Adaptation to a New Target Group

The strategy needs revision, and a master plan for transformation should be developed with all executives. Internal regulations such as early retirement, applicant requirements, and marketing strategies will be critically reviewed. A different age mix in departments could be key to success.

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4C Whitepaper: Demographic Shift

Learn more about the framework of demographic change and its implications for you as a decision maker.

Why 4C?

Demographic Shift - How We Support Your Transformation

As an experienced management consultancy, 4C is your reliable partner in managing demographic shift. With our expertise, we support you in completing the required analyses, developing strategies and implementing customised solutions.

We offer not only in-depth expertise, but also innovative thinking and cross-sector experience that we can apply to your individual needs.With comprehensive know-how in our core competencies such as CHRO, CCO or CDO Advisory, we put together a team for your individual transformation to make your company fit for the future and sustainably successful.

Feel free to contact us directly and arrange a meeting.

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