IFRS 16 - More than just accounting effects

Consequences for affected companies


The compulsory application of IFRS 16 is approaching and the majority of our customers are already looking at the challenges of the new standard by matching their internal processes. Through experience from our first projects and the "Group Accounting Group" initiated by us, we are in a position to provide you with the operational challenges arising from the amendments to IFRS 16. IFRS 16 provides practical challenges for companies with regard to complete contract management. These cover both the organizational as well as the procedural handling of the leasing conditions, together with the IT support provided by the company. In addition to the impact on the balance sheet, the processual handling of the leasing conditions with the related concept of system support represents the greatest challenge.

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Brochure on IFRS 16

Challenges, solution approach and standardized procedure model


IFRS 16: More than just balance sheet effects

The application of IFRS 16 has far-reaching accounting, organizational, procedural and technical implications.

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