Lean Service Creation

To develop a new digital product or a new digital service requires more than a creative moment. Rather, it is a stringent process that is clearly oriented towards the customer, deals with its problems and wishes, and creates solutions for it. But even the best ideas can only be successfully placed on the market if there is no viable business model. That is why it is important to think about the entrepreneurial concept in addition to all the creativity in the development.

Our Lean Service Creation process is based on the modern methods of design thinking and is clearly aligned with the customer and his perspective. In addition to established instruments such as Personas, Value Proposition and Business ModellCanvas, we also use classical instruments such as customer surveys, A / B testings, Kano models etc., ie disciplines of rapid prototyping, to provide user feedback as early as possible during the development process and to get involved directly with the development.

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Lean Service Creation
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