Integrated Reporting

Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?

Integrated reporting is gaining in importance worldwide. Various companies are moving away from traditional corporate reporting based on key financial figures and characterised by numerous isolated individual publications and are adopting the more holistic approach of integrated reporting.

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Whitepaper for integrated reporting

Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?


Integrated Reporting: Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?
  • Why a paradigm shift in reporting is necessary
  • Integrated Reporting at a glance
  • Implementation of integrated reporting in practice
  • Benefits of Integrated Reporting 

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An event of the competence network Group Accounting

The competence network has set itself the goal of anticipating best practice approaches to new and well-known challenges in Group Accounting. With our working group, we have also created a platform where the experts in Group Accounting can communicate at a high level and discuss the challenges in their respective companies. The Group Accounting working group has now become firmly established and takes place annually.

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