Regulatory Compliance

Controlling compliance with rules

The risk of rule violations permeates all industrial and service sectors and challenges companies both nationally and internationally. Uncovered breaches of the rules lead to severe penalties for the companies and their bodies such as the management board and supervisory board. The avoidance of such breaches of rules in the form of compliance management is for this very reason on the top management agenda of commercial enterprises and thus a particular focus.

But how do the breaches of rules occur? Don't the companies in question know which regulations they are subject to? Do they not take the regulatory requirements for necessary control actions seriously? Or are the companies ultimately victims of the criminal intentions of a few employees who deliberately circumvent control structures?

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Our broschures for regulatory compliance

E-Booklet Efficiency increase in regulatory reporting processes,E-Booklet Compliance Efficiency


4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Efficiency increase in regulatory reporting processes
  • Reduce effort, increase efficiency, promote good decisions
  • 3-step process: stocktaking, analysis of reports, optimization of processes
  • Benefits for employees in the creation process and benefits for Chief Risk Officer / Boards
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Compliance Efficiency
  • Introduction and Overview
  • „Compliance Efficiency"
  • Regulatory Technology

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