Regulatory Compliance

The rise of the compliance discipline is very much linked to a number of worldwide scandals and their broad coverage in global media. This is even more surprising taking into consideration that compliance means nothing else but obeying internal and external rules and laws, which is in western economies a commonly accepted fact.

This unexpected attention has two root causes: First of all, these violations penetrate all industry / service sectors and are of global nature, on the other side they resulted in drastic penalties for the companies, management boards and the employees in charge. The prevention of those violations commonly known as compliance discipline has made it on the top agenda of management boards traditionally in the financial sector and starting a couple of years ago in all other industry sectors.

A modern, systematic and processoriented management approach for complying with, training of changing rules, resulting risks and appropriate measures taken is needed. What has been clear from the analysis of all these violations in the past is the fact, that all violations have been carried out deliberately, internal controls were bypassed and visible warnings were ignored at least neglected.

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Our broschures for compliance

4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Efficiency increase in regulatory reporting processes
  • Reduce effort, increase efficiency, promote good decisions
  • 3-step process: stocktaking, analysis of reports, optimization of processes
  • Benefits for employees in the creation process and benefits for Chief Risk Officer / Boards

Download (PDF - 5 pages, 577 KB)
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Compliance Efficiency
  • Introduction and Overview
  • „Compliance Efficiency"
  • Regulatory Technology

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