Digital Localization

Identifying your digital location

What does digital transformation mean for your business model in concrete terms?

How do digital initiatives fit the digital strategy (which may still need to be defined) and what should be done next? We help you answer these questions by determining your digital location together.
In the analysis, we look at your business model both from a holistic perspective and in detail; each of the core components separately. Market developments & trends within and outside your industry are also included in the analysis and evaluation. 

From our point of view, especially the latter, learning from other and new industries, helps decisively in getting inspired for new approaches and to transfer them to your own business model. In addition, we also examine the "digital readiness" of your organization and employees themselves regarding the cultural change and new skill requirements associated with digital transformation.

Taking your vision and strategy into account, we classify the results in our "Digital Transformation Map" in order to be able to determine your location, especially in comparison to your peer group as well as a best-in-class. As a result, in addition to your digital maturity level, you will receive a detailed overview of measures and a resulting "Digital Roadmap", which will be defined individually according to your strategic goals. Adjustments to your business model, the realignment of your digital strategy if necessary, and initial initiatives that already need to be launched will emerge from this. In the end, you have a clear plan with defined and prioritized measures and know what you will implement next.

Our experts for digital localization

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