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Only if you adapt your IT organization to the needs of the business your company can be successful in the long-term

What is IT DNA and how does it influence the Target Operating Model (TOM)?

IT DNA - the culture, behavior, communication and design of IT - is reflected in the cornerstones and success factors of an IT organization. In order to design the Target Operating Model of an IT organization in accordance with the IT-DNA, a model from consulting practice is used, which is divided into the phases - Goals & Success Factors, Analysis and IT-DNA/TOM.

1. In the first phase, Goals & Success Factors, the goals, success factors and control parameters of the IT organization are identified.

2. In the second phase, Analysis, the identified goals and success factors as well as the corporate culture and mindset are compared with the current organizational structure. With the help of this analysis, key areas of action are identified that can be used to adapt the organizational structure.

3. In the last phase, IT-DNA/TOM, the new target image of the company is developed and the necessary steps for implementation are identified. By applying this approach, it is possible to develop an organizational structure tailored to the needs of the IT organization. The organizational target image and thus the IT DNA are developed together with all participants and taking into account the company-specific culture and values. 

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