Healthcare Focus

Successful integration of commercial and medical know-how

Within the healthcare system 4C GROUP AG focuses on the inpatient care of all sponsorships. 4C develops concepts for the public sector to bring, starting from the order of General Interest innovative approaches to supply management and control into practice. Our customers in the healthcare sector are established in the somatic and psychiatric care, run nursing or rehabilitation facilities or belong to the great social and welfare organizations.

Hospitals and clinics

The focus of hospitals and clinics distinguishes in, concepts and tools of corporate management based on long-established strategies and traditional methods of health care were largely decoupled from the development of new approaches in the industry. 

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"We did not want to delegate necessary restructuring within the group to external consultants, but rather to take it into our own hands. As mentors, the 4C consultants provided pragmatic support to responsible employees at the beginning of the change processes that were initially unfamiliar. In this way, the company's competence in project management was strengthened and can be called upon for future projects".

Hans-Joachim Lenke, Vorstandsvorsitzender, Ev. Diakoniewerk Schwäbisch-Hall

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"It is difficult to agree on uniform occupancy and treatment processes across all types of service. With the support of the 4C GROUP, we have managed to fundamentally reorient the cross-disciplinary and cross-functional cooperation throughout the entire hospital towards the patient."

Dr. Gunther Essinger, Director, zfp - Klinikum Nordschwarzwald

"Working with the 4C GROUP as an external sparring partner, who not only talks about general topics on the surface, but also provides us with concrete approaches and methods for linking key figures, allows us to independently develop a transparent and meaningful management system. The mentoring is reflected positively and sustainably in our daily work".

Thorsten Celary, Director, University Hospital Duesseldorf

Competence broschures for healthcare

Process Mining for healthcare


Process Mining in Hospital Management - Proof of Value provides process transparency and potentials
  • Reasons for the backlog of changes in clinics
  • Process Mining: uncovering process potentials and creating objectivity
  • Celonis Process Mining as a field-tested solution
  • 4C GROUP consulting approach: Proof of value for a comprehensible basis for decision-making
Excerpt from "The Krankenhaus MVZ" - Future of outpatient Care
  • Framework conditions
  • Structure and Organization
  • Interfaces
  • Operational management 
Hospital Management - From the past to the future: with the right compass, the hospital can be optimally controlled
  • Challenges for hospitals
  • Focus on integration and efficiency improvement
Case study on the liquidity bottleneck of an hospital - financial management in times of crisis

Restructuring and interim management - Finance in hospitals

Restructuring in Healthcare

How do you find out what is really relevant for your house and how do you shape change?

What role does digitalization play in change processes in hospitals?

Interview with Andreas Walter about corporate development in hospitals and the role of digitization in this context.

  • What makes change management successful?
  • What role does digitization play in change processes in hospitals?
  • What makes a hospital successful?

Publication of the interview in KMA Online  

Initiative to reduce the workload of hospital staff through specially tailored process automation

In light of the current, unprecedented challenges caused by Covid-19, the 4C GROUP has teamed up with UI Path, the world's leading provider of process automation software, to quickly and unbureaucratically launch a healthcare relief initiative. The goal of this initiative is to quickly and noticeably relieve the burden on hospital staff through specially tailored process automation.

Kompetenznetzwerk Krankenhausmanagement

An initiative of the 4C GROUP AG


The initiative has set itself the goal of generating new impulses and ideas for a sustainable hospital management and creating an exchange platform for hospitals executives. One field of attention is the identification and exchange of best practices from hospitals and usable instruments from other industries. Core event of the KKM is since 2009 the annual Roundtable-Meeting in which top executives in the hospital management discuss current and future issues as well as their solutions in a confidential atmosphere.

In the aftermath, innovative topics with selected houses are further deepened and validated as far as possible in pilot projects. The findings will be proofed within the network and made availabe as soon as possible.

The work of the Kompetenznetzwerk Krankenhausmanagement (competence network hospital management) is based on a sustainable and results-oriented exchange and cooperation of individual like-minded peers and experts. The network was founded by the initiative of the Charité Berlin, the Institute of Hospital Management, TU Munich, Center for Hospital Management, the University of Rosenheim, professor of controlling and hospital management and the 4C GROUP AG, top management consulting firm for corporate management and control, and change management.

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