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First international guideline for human capital reporting published

In December 2018, the ISO 30414 standard for Human Capital Reporting was published in response to a German initiative, which is also available as a German DIN ISO standard since June 2019. Under the official title "Human Resource Management – Guidelines for Internal and External Human Capital Reporting", the voluntary standard offers a globally uniform guideline for the quantification and analysis of HR-related metrics.

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Why is standard like this necessary?

Clearly, the reason is the increased importance of human capital for organizations. Whereas in 1975 the share of intangible assets in the market value of the S&P 500 file index was only 17 %, over the years it has risen to 84 %. Employees are a major source of intangible assets, but until now there has been no uniform approach to measuring and evaluating personnel-related value creation. ISO 30414 eliminates this problem, which will benefit not only the organizations themselves but also many of their stakeholders.

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"My first experience with the 4C GROUP was in 2014 in the context of the 'NextGeneration HR' reorganisation. Both Dr. Mauterer and Mr. Baier impressed me with their relevant experience, expertise, methodology and personal commitment. On the basis of this positive experience, I recruited Dr. Mauterer to work in the DIN standards committee 'Human Resources Management', where he is still an internationally sought-after expert and partner at DIN/ISO level with a current focus on 'Human Capital Reporting' (ISO30414). Dr. Mauterer has played a major role in shaping the core elements of this standard and has syndicated them in international committees."

Hilger Pothmann, Berlin Personalleiter und Mitglied der Regionalen Geschäftsleitungen (Nord und Ost) at Deutsche Bank AG

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E-booklet ISO 30414, Key metrics in HR - Human Capital Reporting


4C GROUP AG | E-booklet ISO 30414: Our certification services
  • Opportunities of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 at a glance
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  • Requirements and successful implementation of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414
  • The most important steps: Your benefits and our certification services 

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How HR goes on the offensive with new standards

Publication in HR Performance 5/2019

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Key metrics in HR - Human Capital Reporting

First guideline for human capital reporting published: ISO 30414

Publication in HR Performance 2/2019

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