Sales Controlling

A hopeless undertaking?

Sales control and sales controlling are not self-runners! The characters who meet here are too contradictory. The thoroughbred salesman, who is interested in people and in the deal and always wants to negotiate and win the individual case - and on top of that is celebrated internally as a Rain Maker - and the figures man, who depicts the real world in figures and wants to peel out the structure from the multitude of individual cases. Can this succeed?

What does the sales controller actually want to achieve?

First of all, a look must be taken at the basis of the business, the business model and the strategy. Obviously, the B2B business model is different from B2C business, business models with regular order flows of standard products different from those with individual project orders, the stationary sales different from online sales, own sales different from partner sales and so on and so forth. These characteristics are elaborated in the description of the business model and are taken into account in the sales strategy and thus in the sales process. This is not least one of the reasons why a good sales professional in one business model will not automatically be successful in another model.

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