HR Controlling

Statistics of the largest data collector in the company?

For many, personnel controlling is synonymous with overviews of headcount, FTE, absenteeism and wage costs. But what does this have to do with controlling? Cordially little!

The first important clarification may have to be made in advance. Personnel controlling is not only the controlling for the area of responsibility of HR but also includes controlling instruments for the management of personnel deployment for all areas of responsibility - provided by HR in cooperation with the company controlling!

Controlling should help to implement the strategy and achieve the goals - the same applies to HR controlling. Without the HR strategy, which translates the corporate strategy into the goals, role and measures of the HR area, personnel controlling cannot be imagined.

So how can you imagine this? The relevance and role of HR for the management of demographic change, for the change of the working world and competence models through digitalisation as well as the changed situation on the labour market and the attitudes of people towards work must be defined by each company individually. The well-known support of operative personnel deployment planning and organizational change is also changing rapidly. Here, HR must define its own HR Target Operating Model. This is the basis for strategic personnel planning and personnel controlling.

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HR Reporting

Ready to use HR Reports


Ready to use HR Reports

The Covid-19 crisis continues to have a strong impact on society and the economy and presents us with unprecedented challenges every day. After the first quick-fix measures, it has become clear that what is needed now is above all planned and considered action. Especially the human resources department can currently prove that it contributes more than ever to the survival of their company: HR must actively support management by providing solutions to reduce costs, secure liquidity or make necessary adjustments to organizational structures and work processes.

To do this, HR decision-makers now need answers to questions about capacities, personnel costs and time accounts. In order to be able to answer such questions in a management under uncertainty in a targeted manner, a data-based basis is the decisive success factor. In almost every company the corresponding data is available, but in different systems and often a clear and concise preparation in form of a comprehensive HR reporting is missing.

We are happy to explain our structured approach in a personal exchange - an overview of our 4C HR Reporting solution including screenshots and approach can be found in our 2-Pager.

Find clarity when you need it most – 4C ready to use HR reports
  • Interactive visualizations based on Microsoft Power BI or tableau bring your HR data to life
  • Get answers to about 90 percent of all HR-relevant questions
  • Valuable insights from your data within minutes through intuitive reports
  • Rapid provision on the basis of 4C ready to use HR reports within approx. 2 weeks
  • No software implementation or elaborate conception for HR reporting necessary

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