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Group controlling is one of the terms by which very different things are understood. It is therefore highly recommended that you create a common understanding before a discussion, so as not to talk at cross purposes. You don't believe that? For some, Group management is the administration of the legal structure, including consolidation under commercial law and the tax result. For the others it is only the management of the legal structures, the shareholder role, the profit transfers, etc.. And finally, there is the fraction for which group management is synonymous with business management. This is obvious for venture capital and private equity companies, but not any more for corporations. Is the legal structure with the implied incentive effect really congruent with the responsibility and the necessary incentives from the business model? At the latest with the appearance of the so-called zebra companies it becomes obvious that legal structures cannot easily be adapted to the areas of responsibility. If then tax and liability law optimisations are added, then it becomes completely absurd.

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Effective group controlling


Effective group controlling ensures efficiency gains in group controlling: Success factors for the implementation of a successful group controlling
  • Why do we need effective group controlling?
  • Solutions and 4C Method for effective group controlling
  • Benefits and results


Group controlling

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