„A true character at 4C is not just a co-worker, but a valuable motivator, with authenticity, a sense of responsibility and team spirit.“

Rajeh Ahmed Abdulkadir Core Function IT

Authentic to success

Your path to 4C?
My path to 4C was characterised by a passion for IT. As an IT trainee, I developed my skills and was accepted into the support team. There I continued to develop and am now a valuable member of the team.

What excites me about my subject focus?
My focus allows me to live out my creative streak in technology and at the same time have a positive impact on the workflows and efficiency in the company. This combination of technical complexity and the opportunity to solve practical problems makes my thematic focus as an IT specialist for system integration extremely exciting and fulfilling for me.

What does being a TRUE CHARACTER mean to me?
For me, being a true character is about being authentic and sincere, no matter what the situation. It's about being true to yourself and being honest about your convictions. A real guy shows respect and empathy towards others, acts with integrity and stands by his mistakes. It is about taking responsibility and continuously developing yourself. It also means helping others and creating a supportive environment where everyone can develop their full potential. A real guy is courageous and stands up for what he believes in, even if it may be uncomfortable. Overall, for me, being a true character means not only doing my job, but also creating a positive and appreciative work atmosphere where everyone feels valued and supported.

Personal Expedition

In my free time I am passionate about Taekwondo.

#martial arts


  • Training as an IT specialist for system integration
    @4C in IT since september 2021