„Every experience you have brings you further. That's what got me started at 4C and that's what they emphasise in every project.“

Fatima Giuliano-Arnaout Senior Consultant

Variety and Progress

Your path to 4C?
In a roundabout way and yet directly: As a career changer with seven years of professional experience, my previous background was already really appreciated by the first person who did the telephone interview with me. From application to acceptance, everything went super fast and smoothly. One thing is still the case today: all the experience and skills I have gained professionally count. What I lack in knowledge, I can learn from experienced colleagues or build up during further training. Everything I know, I can bring to bear - not only on the challenges of our clients, but also on internal challenges.
What makes working at 4C special for you?
I like to have variety in my life. Every project feels like starting a new job. New clients, new challenges, new composition of the 4C team - and yet you feel safe at the start of the project, because we are there for our clients as a team and draw on 25 years of consulting experience.Variety also means being flexible - especially as a parent. Like many of my parent colleagues, I work part-time and now work remotely. Sometimes you have to be at home more. It helps that we have short communication channels and that I can drop everything at short notice in an emergency. Colleagues and project leaders then take over my tasks - no ifs, ands or buts.
What does being a true character mean to you?
To be able to be completely myself and still fit in 100%. My experiences make me the consultant I am at 4C. Every interest in new topics brings me, 4C and our clients further.

Personal Expedition
Volunteering is what holds a society together. That's why, in my spare time, I try to achieve more inclusion, diversity and equality with fellow volunteers.

  • Senior Consultant
    @4C Consulting Field Digital Business Innovation, December 2020
  • Start as Consultant
    @4C Beratungsfeld Digital Business Innovation, November 2018
  • Regional Manager
    @Global Project Partners
  • Business Administration (MBA)
    @University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • Islamic Studies (B.A.)
    @Albert Ludwig University Freiburg (Breisgau); Near and Middle Eastern Studies