Transformation & Change in IT

Only if the right projects are started and successfully completed IT can be prepared for the future!

Today, companies and technologies are in a state of constant change and require stronger competencies in the management of change. Only IT organizations that orchestrate change excellently are well prepared for the challenges ahead. The selection of the right projects and their goals, the completion of the planned project results and, in particular, the phasing in and phasing out of the various IT service providers are becoming increasingly important for the success of a company.

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Agility is not a silver bullet


4C Artikel CIO Magazin 2020: Agilität ist keine Wunderwaffe
  • Why do agile projects fail?
  • Which solution approach is suitable for a successful transformation to a flexible IT organization?
  • How can IT services be delivered in a customer-centric manner?
  • What roles and structures are needed in a flexible IT organization?

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