Technology Excellence

Embedding digital transformation sustainably

Which new technologies will have what influence on tomorrow's business models? Which ones should be used, observed or neglected for the time being? And what must be taken into account when using them? In order to be able to answer these questions in a well-founded manner and within the framework of the development of future-proof business models, we focus on the targeted use of new technologies within the framework of Technology Excellence. In this way, we want to ensure that technologies follow a (customer) problem, contribute to its solution and are thus used in a targeted manner and in the interests of social and economic change.

Company building

New, digital initiatives and business models often differ fundamentally from existing business in terms of content and organization. New business is therefore usually established outside the organization in a separate, legally independent unit. As a rule, initial product concepts and entry strategies for the market launch are already available at this point. Nevertheless, there are numerous delays and operational "construction sites" due to foundation-technical and -legal aspects. In order to counteract these risks and to support the market and customer side of the business model to be established in the best possible way in product development and marketing, precisely fitting organizational and IT infrastructures must be established. In addition, targeted partnerships are considered in order to cover selected company-wide topics or relevant expertise through partners. The aim here is to be able to concentrate internally on the core disciplines and competencies and to increase corporate efficiency in the long term.

Business incubation

Business Incubation targets supporting companies / start-ups from the process of developing ideas all the way to the company foundation in tandem with "established" companies. The focus is on the successful implementation of a sustainable business model and the resulting acceleration of company growth. 4C divides business incubation into three elementary disciplines. In addition to the joint consideration of potential startup ideas and the definition of an incubator program, the access provided by 4C to an extensive network of different industries and expertise plays a crucial role in your success. We are happy to support and advise you in the identification of business potential and the successful and sustainable implementation and launch.

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